2014 Results a Measure of Success

newport Celtic Fest.

The question on everyone’s lips: “how did it go at this year’s Celtic Festival & Highland Games?”

The short version: we have an estimated head count of 3,468 through the gates this year and, although this is less than anticipated, we figure that Father’s Day, for many, means they don’t have to do any heavy lifting; to include a sheaf or caber.

Feedback from two other nearby events, which happened on the same weekend, had similar reports in attendance.

The Celtic Heritage Alliance is already in the process of collecting and tallying feedback from participants, sponsors and patrons alike. “This is an important part of our decision-making and improvement process and all feedback will be discussed at our upcoming debrief on July 1st.” explains CHA President, Belinda Goody.

“Our volunteers (10 year-round and 29 weekenders) did a great job getting people checked in, set up and moving through the gates.” said Goody.

By the numbers there were 10 Celtic music and dance groups consisting of 155 performers in all, which included 2 pipe bands. Over 55 Highland Games athletes took to the field for competition this year – the most there have been to date; and included in the count of 55 Vendors were 13 local small businesses in addition to
12 Scottish & Irish Clans and 6 Celtic societies who attend to offer education and information to patrons.

Using the calculator provided by the Greater Newport Chamber of Commerce, this boosted the local economy by an estimated $283,000 based on out of county visitor numbers.

Goody concluded, “While our non-profit typically nets less than $15,000 per year, 100% of that goes right back in to growth and improvements. We have always been good stewards with the financial and in-kind support we garner from our sponsors and we appreciate the time our volunteers put into making this event a positive and successful event for the community. Without those to elements, our events would be unable to continue. We wish to thank those who performed, attended, supported, and sponsored this year’s Celtic Festival & Highland Games.”

About Us

Celtic Heritage Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization formed in July 2011 by the group of small business owners who organized the 2011 Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games and who share a common interest in their Celtic heritage.

CHA’s mission is to promote and preserve Celtic culture and heritage through creation and development of Celtic cultural events, activities, and programs which facilitate education, workshops, musical performances and traditional competitions which include athletics, music and dance.

Since the inaugural festival, CHA has hosted the following events in the local community:

– October 2011 – Halloween Ceili by the Sea
– January 2012 – Robert Burns Supper
– March 2012 – St. Patrick’s House Concert featuring BUA
– April 2012 – Promotion of National Tartan Day
– June 2012 – Celtic Festival & Highland Games
– November 2012 – Harvest by the Sea Concert
– January 2013 – Robert Burns Supper (2nd Annual)
– March 2013 – Shamrock Supper
– June 2013 – Celtic Festival & Highland Games
– October 2013 – Presentation: Genealogical Histories, Clans & Families
– November 2013 – Harvest by the Sea Ceili & Concert
– January 2014 – Robert Burns Supper (3rd Annual)
– March 2014 – Shamrock Supper (2nd Annual)

Long-term goals include the formation of our own community bagpipe band and procuring Celtic dance instruction where anyone can learn, become proficient, and perform at our annual festival and year-round outreach events.

If you would like to support us through volunteerism, sponsorship, or donations, we always welcome any means of allowing our mission to grow and our Celtic community to thrive.

Matching donations through the Oregon Cultural Trust are also appreciated.

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Celtic Heritage Alliance, Inc.
a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation

For more information, please visit www.newportcelticfestival.com

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