A Bathroom Built for Two

By Heidi Powell

This master bath renovation transformed a modest bathroom and closet into a welcoming spa-like retreat. Our goals were to create a comfortable, well-organized space for two active parents of small children, and also bring an open brightness to an area with only one small window – all while staying within the existing footprint.

Before the remodel, the master bath contained three separate, walled-off areas: the main room with a vanity and tub, a small dark room with a toilet and shower enclosure, and a walk-in closet lacking in drawer and shelf space.

We converted the tub area into a large, bright, tiled shower. Forgoing a separate tub for a larger shower is not uncommon in our renovations of master bathrooms, especially when it isn’t the only tub in the home. Footage gained from the old shower room allowed for a larger, more functional closet. We also widened the entry to the closet, replacing the single door with a pair of mirrored French doors. Together, these changes created a much more integrated and inviting space.

Each component in the remodel was carefully considered and detailed. The color palette is mostly white and off-white, lending the whole a refined air of elegance and calm.

The spacious new shower is everything our clients hoped for. Built-in niches provide elegant, accessible storage. The white 3×12 tiles on the wall and ceiling from Settecento’s New Yorker collection pair beautifully with the textured white 1×1 Mosaic tiles on the shower floor from Walker Zanger’s Shift collection. Together, the white-on-white tiles create an ambience that’s bright and harmonious.

A larger vanity with double sinks meets the needs of this busy two-career couple. The new sink area combines open towel shelves with enclosed storage, providing plenty of room for each partner. The vanity countertops and splashes are Pental Quartz in Crystal White, which was also used to create the shelves for the shower niches. Rectangular under-mount ceramic sinks are paired with rectangular polished chrome fixtures from Restoration Hardware. An edge-to-edge mirror precisely cut to fit between locally made cabinets highlights the craftsmanship and attention to detail evident throughout the space.

The finish selections create a fresh and clean feeling. The walls are painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Edgecomb Gray,” while the cabinets and ceilings have Benjamin Moore’s “Chantilly Lace.” Like the tile for the shower floor, the bathroom floor tile is from Walker Zanger’s Shift collection: it’s the Stripe Mosaic pattern in White.

The new closet features custom cabinetry with plenty of built-in storage space, including specifically designed hangers for slacks and shirts. Open shelving helps keep items visible and organized.

New custom cabinetry for the closet and vanity, quartz countertops, carefully chosen fixtures, a tiled shower, and a heated tile bathroom floor along with the more-open floorplan all come together to create an elegant bath and dressing suite. The result combines the elegance of a spa-like hotel with the comfort of home!

Photos: 1 A large tile shower with dual shower heads replaced an old tub 2 Double sinks with towel storage below meet the needs of this busy two-career couple 3 Pental Quartz counters are both beautiful and functional 4 A walk-in closet with specialty storage keeps belongings organized

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