A Window into Your Home

By Tinsa Schweitzer

Better weather is on the horizon, but are your windows prepared to make the most of it? In many cases the answer to this is no. We’re here to help you understand the impact upgrading your windows will have on your home. After all, your home is an extension of you, and should make your life better.

There are two primary reasons to consider upgrading your windows. One is to bring more light in. Brightening up a home is not only great for your health (increased serotonin levels, and vitamin D production come to mind), but also for your enjoyment. If you have an improperly lit room it’s hard to see the beautiful elements you have decorated your home with.
Another primary reason is air flow. There’s nothing worse than missing out on a glorious spring day because your windows are poorly located and/or too small. Sometimes adding just a single window can be all that your home needs in an area.

Why not have both function and form? Why not capitalize on this expenditure and get something that adds to the look of your home? Windows come in far too many styles to name them all, but here are a couple of highlights to consider:

Are you looking to bring in more light? Consider bay or bow windows for their generous size. These can double as a nook you can decorate with pillows to coordinate with your room,
If you’re considering more light in your kitchen you might like the idea of a garden box window. Usually a little larger than a standard window with the added bonus of a large sill that you can adorn with your beautiful plant collection,
Going for more air flow? Matching your existing windows but adding more of them in strategic locations can help move the spring breeze through your home.

You’ll notice that all of these choices can fulfill all of the above points: beauty, ventilation, and additional light. Taking advantage of the outdoors can be as simple as expanding on and adding to the windows you have in your home.

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