Madras’ Airshow of the Cascades is wheels up for 2019!

While the aerobatic show during the annual event captivates audiences, the Airshow Board, Committee, and its hundreds of volunteers are always behind the scenes accomplishing amazing feats of their own throughout the year.

For 2019, the Airshow’s Board of Directors includes

Board President, Joe Krenowicz,
Vice President, Bruce Hoyt,
Secretary/Treasurer, Rick Allen
and fellow Board Members, Rob Berg, Tom Brown, Mark Carman, Margaret Kincaid, Airshow Founder, Ron Ochs, Judy Solso, Melanie Widmer and Emeritus, Don Mobley.

To help keep things soaring ever-higher, the Airshow of the Cascades welcomes three new members to its team. Founding family member, Dr. Ben Ochs and Nick Snead have been added to the Board, and Belinda Goody has officially entered the flight pattern as the Airshow’s Producer and singular staff person.

Dr. Ben Ochs has had a lifetime of involvement with the Airshow since its inception on his family’s farm in the 1970’s. He often travels from Portland to attend Airshow Committee Meetings and he and his family are hands-on volunteers each year during the Airshow enabling its integrity and legacy to remain intact.

Nick Snead works for the City of Madras, and has been an Airshow volunteer for the past four years. Nick has proven his mettle with wrangling the parking management arena under the tutelage of Bruce
Hoyt. Nick is ready for his first solo and, just as many of the Airshow’s Board members have an assigned area of responsibility, Nick will take over that task.

Belinda Goody is retired Air Force, and an experienced event evaluator, planner and director who moved to Central Oregon in 2016.  She came on board in May 2018 as Assistant Airshow Coordinator and was formally contracted in October 2018 as Airshow Producer through Fest Eval, LLC.

All have solidified their commitment to the Airshow, its Board and to the Madras community at large.

“We have an outstanding team of people who are committed to bringing the best possible experience to our Airshow patrons.  We look forward to seeing everyone on August 23rd and 24th, 2019” said Krenowicz.For more information on the Airshow of the Cascades, please visit or at

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