Artist Focus: Sarah Gayle & Wayne Plourde

By Kim Voetberg

Art means so many things to so many people, that to analyze or study its complexities involves interpretation of the highest order. But never fear, because entry into SolaLuna Studios will be illumination enough. This is no stuffy, austere gallery to wander aimlessly through; rather it’s a visual experience that shouldn’t be missed. And rest assured the moment you walk through the door, you’ll be intrigued!

“Don’t Be Koi” — Paper by Sarah Gayle

Opened less than a year, SolaLuna Studios owners, Sarah Gayle and Wayne Plourde had a vision to create and showcase unique and affordable art. Starting out in a converted church located in Toledo, they recently moved their gallery to Main Street, keeping their church location as a work space. SolaLuna’s open, airy location provides the perfect backdrop for Sarah’s myriad of art pieces. She has what she calls “upcycled” products; making something old into something new and different. Sarah uses items that were once articles of clothing or portions of neckties or paper products, and now find themselves incorporated into mixed media artwork. From notecards and one-of-a-kind hats, to distinctive watercolors and cloth fairy houses, Sarah’s imagination is limitless. This along with artwork from other local artisans, makes visiting SolaLuna a “must do.”

Sarah Gayle worked as Art Director to provide masks and backdrops for the Red Octopus’s production of The Woman Who Fell From The Sky, in February. Her signature “white paper” was featured in this amazing production and she and Wayne feel privileged to be a part of the Central Oregon Coast arts community (and we welcome them to our neck of the woods)!

Visit SolaLuna Studios at 147 N Main Street in Toledo, or find them online: Sarah’s and Wayne’s philosophy is that everyone should be able to afford beautiful art pieces. So come, visit, enjoy…and perhaps even purchase wonderful things.

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