In Business – James Means, DMD

A lifelong Oregonian, James is happy to be back in Corvallis. He was born in Salem, but attended college at OSU. After earning his undergraduate degree he attended OHSU in Portland where he met his fiancé, also a dentist.

Now, he’s back in Corvallis and looking forward to starting his life as a career dentist, and as a father. Not yet married, he’s thinking three kids is the magic number, but first things first.

James is a sporty type and enjoys working out doing P90X, and running when he’s off work, and now that he’s settling into the life of a medical professional, he’s been getting into golf — par for the course, so to speak.

James loves being a dentist, and enjoys helping out students from the Alma Mater, they’ve already hired an OSU dental student to help out at Timberhill.

The eventual goal is to take over the practice from Kurt Black. James says he enjoys treating families and is looking forward to watching his young patients grow, and treating the next generations. James enjoys working at Timberhill because he takes pride in dental work done well, “it’s nice to know that we do high quality work, and the standards here are high, we’re happy, patients are happy, and it’s nice to be able to have the continuity to follow up, that makes us happy too.”

We suspect James is a guy who will do well as a dentist, and as a father. His love of dentistry is obvious, and as far as kids go, when was the last time your dentist dressed up as Thor for a candy buyback? Yep, he did that.

James is also looking forward to becoming involved with the Beaver Baseball team in some capacity, and he likes to visit Flat Tail Brewing – for the burgers.

Welcome back to Corvallis James!

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