Celebrate the fall harvest with Local Eats Month in Corvallis

Corvallis area residents have a chance to savor the bounty of autumn from now through November 14th with an amazing assortment of tasty treats prepared by our local restaurants.

Welcome to Local Eats Month 2020 – a celebration of restaurants that source local products all year as well as featuring restaurants with dishes created especially for Local Eats Month! RSVP to the Facebook Event to meet each restaurant (and follow @sustainablecorvallis on Instagram).

Mark your calendar and try Brass Monkey, Castor, Tacovore, and New Morning Bakery’s special Local Eats Month Dish during these first two weeks (Oct. 18 – 31). Then fill in your cravings with restaurants that source local food all year (listed below). Call ahead or visit the linked website to stay up-to-date on hours and dining options.

More Local Eats Month restaurants and dishes are coming during weeks 3 and 4 (Nov. 1 – 14)!

Local Eats Month Dish-note: photos are representative of eatery and are NOT the LEM dish. Dish is listed in text below. List includes eateries that source locally all year.

Brass Monkey*: Fish & Chips: (Rockfish from Brandywine Fisheries & sides featuring vegetable & herbs from Gathering Together Farm in Philomath) – (541) 230-1323

Castor* Grillades & Grits: (slow braised Cattail Creek Lamb, produce from Rainshine Family Farms, Gathering Together Farm, and Groundworks Organics) – (541) 231-3322

Tacovore Corvallis*: Seasonable Veggie Bowl (produce from Goodfoot Farms, black beans grown in the PNW, and Cotija Cheese from Don Frolyan) – (541) 360-3919

New Morning Bakery: Apple Dapple Cake (apples from Peoria road farms, eggs from Willamette Valley Egg Farms, & dairy from Lochmead Dairy) – (541) 754-0181

Restaurants that source locally all year:

Al Jebaal (Bazaar International Market) – (541) 207-3478

Cascade BBQ (sandwich bread from Pilos Bakery) – (541) 829-2009

Corvallis Meat Pie Shop (Produce from First Alternative Co-op, meats from Bazaar International Market, New Morning Bakery for Pastry Dough) (541) 740-5065

Delicas Valley Cafe (some produce from Peoria Road Market & Jim’s Fruit Stand) – (541) 753-0599

Kalamata Bistro (menu suggestion: Lamb Gyro: Lamb from Anderson Farms, produce from Cascade Produce, other meat products from Van Vleet Meat) – (541) 760-7985

Local Eats Week/Month is an annual event organized by the Food Action Team of the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition to encourage local restaurants to source more of their ingredients from the Local 6 area (Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, and Polk counties). The broader goal is to increase the percentage of locally produced food that is consumed by the community in order to create a vibrant and secure local food system.

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