Charred Peppers, Super Simple Summer Snack

Looking for a quick and super-easy appetizer or summer snack? Look no further. All the rage in trendy restaurants, blistered Padron peppers are so good, and couldn’t be any easier to make.

Look for them at your local farmers market, or in your grocer’s produce section.

There is a little confusion about Padron vs. Shishito peppers. Both come as appetizers in restaurants, they look the same, so what’s the difference? Not much. They are two varieties of the same pepper. Shishito is the Japanese variety and Padron, the Spanish variety.

Taste-wise the Padron is a little “zippier” and there will be a hot one in the bunch, but you don’t know when! Kind of like appetizer Russian Roulette, but they aren’t THAT hot. You can handle it.

To prepare: toss peppers in a big bowl with olive oil to coat (lightly) then drop them into a pre-heated (hot) cast iron pan. Cook until the skins start to blister and char in areas. Sprinkle with Sea Salt and serve. You’ll be surprised at how good (and easy) these little gems are!

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