Cherry Tart











Cherry Tart

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

1c all purpose flour

1/4 c sugar

pinch of salt

5 lg. eggs

2 cups milk

1 Tbsp. Angostura Bitters

3 – 4 cups Pitted Cherries

Confectioners Sugar

For this tart you will need a 10” round pie pan or quiche pan.

Put cherries in a bowl and sprinkle with Angostura Bitters. this will enhance the taste of the fruit in the tart as it bakes.

Mix Flour, sugar, salt, eggs and milk until smooth.

Drain cherries and place in pan covering the bottom completely. Pour the batter over the fruit and bake until puffed and golden, about 35 to 45 minutes.

Remove and sprinkle with confectioners sugar.

Serve warm topped with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

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  1. My mother is French and use to make this tart, except the cherries were not pitted. It made eating the pie a lot slower which is good because it gave us a chance to savor the deliciousness.

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