Cruise the Blue Danube with Nadine — Gluten Free!

Nadine Grezskowiak is The Gluten-Free RN. Worldwide speaker, and author of the widely acclaimed book on Celiac Disease and living a gluten-free life “Dough Nation.” Nadine speaks from experience. Not so long ago, suffering from the ravages of mis-diagnosed Celic disease, Nadine was at death’s door. She was not going to settle for her dire situation, and began her own research. Nadine is now the authority on Celiac Disease. The good news is that Nadine is now in fine fettle, and spends her time doing a ton of outdoorsy stuff, climbing mountains, travelling, canoeing, hiking, and enjoying her new-found healthy gluten-free lifestyle.

If you’ve ever had questions about living a gluten-free life, now’s your chance to hang out with Nadine herself, and have a great time doing it. You can join her on a wonderful cruise of the Danube in 2018.

Journey along the Danube and see firsthand why this storied river has inspired generations of artists, poets and musicians. Indulge your passion for timeless architecture and art in three magnificent capitals: Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna. Let the hills come alive with the sounds of music in Salzburg and the Austrian Lake District. Cruise through the enchanting Strudengau Valley and let the melodies of the Danube carry you from one gem to another on a regal journey through time.

You can download the pdf file with all the cruise details HERE.

If you’d like to check out Nadine’s book beforehand, you can buy a copy here:

Nadine has supplied us with a limited quantity of her book, so we can do a promotion and you can win a copy for FREE, because Nadine is cool, and that’s how she rolls. Just fill out the form below:

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