Dale’s Remodeling offers 9 tips for National Get Organized Month

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Studies show the health benefits of living an organized life are numerous. From reducing stress and depression, to helping you eat and sleep better, to improving relationships, organization in our lives can help us live longer, healthier and happier lives. January is National Get Organized Month and a perfect time to make some small changes to de-clutter your house.

Dale’s Remodeling offers these nine tips that can make a difference in each room of your house:

1. Install sliding shelf organizers in lower cabinets in the kitchen – Space beneath the kitchen countertops will quickly become your go-to space for storing some of your most-used cookware and small kitchen appliances with these handy sliding mechanisms.

2. Customize closets to the space and user – Install custom shelving that allows for wall-to-wall storage, whether it be on shelves, in bins or hanging. For kids’ rooms configure the height of shelves and hanging space according to their height.

3. Make your bed every day – Getting in the simple habit of pulling your comforter up, tucking sheets in, and replacing throw pillows, will help keep order in your room and make your bed a welcome respite at the end of each day.

4. Use over-the-toilet shelving units in the bathroom – These storage solutions can conveniently store extra towels, toilet paper, toiletries and even decorative items to add some style to the room.

5. Keep things off the floor in the media/family room with wall units – Custom built wall units can provide endless storage for books, CDs, DVDs, works of art and other family treasures while making an architectural statement with different wood finishes.

6. Clear your desk every day – File, recycle (or shred if confidential), or place papers in a take action tray on your desk at the end of each day putting all other items away in drawers. Only leave items on your desk that you use every day like pens, pencils and paper clips stored in proper containers.

7. Consolidate items for storage – Create areas of the garage for storing similar items together like pet supplies, sporting goods, camping gear and garden tools for easy accessibility. Wall shelving, peg boards, racks and custom cabinets can help keep these areas organized and clutter-free.

8. End your day with a clean kitchen – Load the dishwasher, clean the sink, spray and wipe down surfaces and replace dirty towels. You’ll have a brighter outlook in the morning when you wake up to a clean kitchen rather than a sink full of dirty dishes.

9. Control paper clutter in every room – Use a daily systematic process for keeping your entire home clutter free. As soon as paper comes into the house take one of the following actions: immediately recycle or shred junk mail, pay bills or put them in a bill organizer, put keepsakes like children’s school papers and artwork in a designated box, put important papers in a “to file” folder and put items needing action taken in a “take action” folder.

“Use this month to inspire yourself and set attainable goals,” said Kayla Van Lydegraf of Dale’s Remodeling. “Read up on home organization tips, get ideas on Houzz or Pinterest, consult a professional and conquer the clutter in your home. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll have a whole new outlook on the year.”

Dale’s Remodeling suggests you set small goals to make a daunting project more manageable. For more information, call Dale’s at 503.370.7609 or visit www.dalesremodeling.com.

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