Dale’s Remodeling tests solar panels for one year, saves more than $850 in energy costs in first year, proving renewable energy in Oregon is a smart choice


Dale’s Remodeling of Salem, Oregon today announced the results of a year-long solar panel energy experiment, which they conducted atop their own S.E. Commercial Street headquarters. Tracking costs each month, they realized a savings of $864.91 over 12 months, a 25% reduction from the previous year’s energy bills.

“We were long interested in renewable energy systems, but wanted to test solar panels ourselves to see how efficient they would be in Oregon, considering our often-cloudy weather,” said Dale Van Lydergraf, founder of Dale’s Remodeling. “As it turns out, they work as well and save as much money as panels atop a house in Florida.”

Dale’s Remodeling offices are in a converted home, but the facility uses more energy than most households because of computer and contracting equipment, special lighting and other tools needed to run their business. Even with this greater need, the savings are significant.

“The best part about adding solar panels is that the property value goes up, while property taxes stay the same,” said Kayla Van Lydegraf, vice president of marketing. “We found that not only are we reducing our carbon footprint, but we are also reducing our monthly electricity bill by 10-15%. Those kind of savings really add up, and they will for the homeowner, too.”

Oregon is one of the best states for rebates and incentives, including the Federal Tax Credit, Energy Trust of Oregon Rebate and the Oregon State Tax Credit. Commercial properties receive an extra 100% bonus depreciation.

After this test, and months of careful consideration and research on its viability, Dale’s Remodeling is now offering solar installation to their residential and commercial clients. They offer solar services and resources in partnership with two exclusive renewable energy dealers in the Salem area. For more information on solar panels, visit www.dalesremodeling.com or call 503-370-7609.

About Dale’s Remodeling

Dale’s Remodeling, founded in 1978, provides expert design and a Certified Remodeling team for your remodeling projects. Their systems ensure on time performance, quality control, and a job that meets the client’s budget. By maintaining clean and safe job sites, homeowners are assured that their lifestyle will be impacted as little as possible during the project. From small jobs to large and everything in between, Dale’s ensures three simple things: To be on time, on budget, and make sure clients have a great experience! For more information, visit www.dalesremodeling.com

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