Day Tripper: Lincoln City, OR

Jamie Sterling
Nelscott Surf Classic Competitor 2010
( 2012 / 2013 Nelscott Champion!)


quick jaunt from anywhere in the Mid-Valley, Lincoln City is a favorite beachside destination for valley-ites and Oregon’s visitors alike. Recently we took a quick run over to take a look around.


The first, and probably the best thing about our trip was that it had been foggy, or freezing fog, or frozen sleet-filled ice fog, or some such other meterological disaster in the valley. It’d been bleak for days on end; the kind of days when it gets hard to tell if it’s day or night, or really care one way or the other. As we headed west from the valley, and made our way up over the first couple of ridges, we suddenly pierced the veil, we broke out of the dismal haze of white fog into stunning, beautiful blue sky. Blue sky and white frozen trees like in a snow globe, or a Christmas special,  just to top it off. It was like being in an airplane when you fly up out of bad weather into the wild blue yonder. Our mood was instantly improved about 95%.


In our constant vigil for interesting places, we’d come across the Overlook Motel. A cool little place on the bluffs of the Nelscott District of Lincoln City; the town is divided into districts. The Overlook was originally built as a home in the 1930’s by Scandanavian-Oregonians, it’s a great little spot for a quick getaway. If you want super-deluxe rooms, room service, or Hilton style furnishings, go to the Hilton. If you want a cool, funky beachside getaway with some history, this is your place. The views are unbeatable. The panoramic windows make you feel like your sitting right on the beach. One of the units has a window seat that looks out at Nelscott Reef, so if you time it right, you can watch the big wave surfers from your room. It doesn’t get much better than that. Nice touches like full kitchens, fireplaces, and quirky Scandanavian style decor like the  “Disney-esque” little bluebirds painted on the shutters make it unique. It’s a “go.”


We inquired about a breakfast spot and were directed to the Nelscott Cafe, a little spot down the hill from the motel. Nothing fancy, just good breakfast fare at reasonable prices. One of the specialties is the “Scotch Egg” a hard boiled egg coated with breading and sausage and deep fried. Served with a mustard sauce, it’s something you don’t see every day. We also tried the Almond French Toast, very good. Biscuits and gravy, also good. And the standard over medium egg with toast and bacon, also good. There is no shortage of food on the plate, so you might want to plan a walk on the beach after you eat!


Other fun things to check out are the Tanger Outlet Center – the usual line up of outlet stores where you can find deals from the big name manufacturers.


Read’s Homemade Saltwater Taffy – an institution in Lincoln City, operated by Mark. Read’s father worked in the store as a boy, then went to Vietnam, came back to Portland, and bought the store where he worked for many years. Mark now carries on the tradition of delicious, house-made candies. Who doesn’t like a little salt water taffy?


The Lincoln City Culinary Center. Chef Sharon Wiest always has something cookin’ see the web site for class schedules and more. Cooking classes at the coast. Catch some great seafood, and find out what to do with it!


For a few snacks for the room, or sundries to take home, visit Trillium Natural Foods – they’re right next to the outlet mall.


Plan Your Trip

Lincoln City Culinary Center

The Overlook
Call Ann at (541) 996-3300

Nelscott Cafe
3237 SW Highway 101
Lincoln City, OR

Tanger Outlets
1500 SE East Devils Lake Rd, Lincoln City

Trillium Natural Foods

Read’s Homemade Taffy
1009 NW Highway 101
Lincoln City


The View from the Overlook
Taffy Anyone?
Almond Crunch French Toast at Nelscott Cafe




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