DIY Nail Care Tips From a Pro!


Stacey Cummings, veteran nail artist and esthetician, has some pointers for you. Doing your own manicure can be cost effective, but it can also come at a cost if you don’t follow a few basic rules. Your nails are delicate, and nail technicians take certain steps to prepare your skin, nails, and cuticles to protect from damage.

Tips from Stacey:

1. When giving yourself a manicure, do not soak your hands in water. Nails absorb water and become softened when wet. When they dry out they also lose some of their natural oils and become brittle. Doing your nail care after your nails have absorbed water, for example after washing dishes or swimming, is not recommended.

2. Apply a high-quality cuticle oil, not only on the skin surrounding the nail, but on the entire nail plate at least once daily. This prevents dehydration and brittle nails while promoting strong supple nails as well as preventing excessive growth of cuticle.

3. Use a nail file with a fine grit rather than clippers to shorten, shape and/or smooth any breaks in your nail. A natural nail requires a finer grit because it is much more delicate than what an acrylic nail can withstand. A good rule of thumb when picking your nail file is the lower the number, the higher the roughness. Look for a grit of 240 or higher, anything rougher can damage your natural nail.

Want more from Stacey? She’s available by appointment at Monroe Avenue Salon in Corvallis. Reach her at (541) 738-2090. If you mention to Stacey that you found her in Willamette Living Magazine she will give you 50% off any cuticle oil in stock!

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