Dr Sylvia Earle Coming to Portland

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Oregon Coast Aquarium and SAGE Present The Future of Our Oceans Featuring Dr. Sylvia Earle at Portland State University

WHAT: Please join SAGE (Seniors Advocating for Generational Equity) and the Oregon Coast Aquarium in welcoming Dr. Sylvia Earle as the Visiting SAGE Keynote Speaker for The Future of Our Oceans.

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Popularly called “Her Deepness” by the New Yorker and the New York Times, Dr. Earle is an inspiration to millions as a hero for the planet. Dr. Earle is Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society, Founder of Mission Blue, Founder of Deep Ocean Exploration and Research, and former Chief Scientist of NOAA. She has received 27 honorary doctorates, authored more than 200 publications and led more than 100 expeditions with over 7,000 hours underwater.

At the event, guests will enjoy an Ocean Expo with live music and exhibits featuring marine conservation, art, research, and volunteer opportunities. A reception for special admission ticket holders will follow the presentation with food, drink, and an opportunity to connect with Dr. Earle and sponsors. More information and tickets available at http://wearesage.org/oceans.

WHEN: Sunday, May 19, 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. (PST)

WHERE: Viking Pavilion at the Peter W. Stott Center, 930 SW Hall Street Portland, OR 97207

930 SW Hall Street Portland, OR 97207

WHO: Oregon Coast Aquarium, SAGE, Oregon Zoo, Audubon Society of Portland, SOLVE, Surfrider Foundation, Washed Ashore, Citizen Climate Lobby, Ecumenical Ministry of Oregon, Inside Passage Decarbonization Project, Oregon Marine Reserves, OSU Marine Studies Institute, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon Sea Grant, Portland State University Department of Biology, Proteus Science Communication, Sea Turtles Forever


2:15 PM: Ocean Expo

3:45 PM: Main Event with Dr. Sylvia

5:45 PM: Reception

BACKGROUND: SAGE is a Portland-based nonprofit organization working to advance generational equity – the principle that each generation should improve the quality of life for the next. SAGE inspires older adults to engage in causes that benefit younger and future generations. Each year, SAGE hosts renowned authors and leaders as part of its Visiting SAGE speaker series, including Nicholas Kristof, Robert Putnam, Paul Hawken and Van Jones. SAGE has partnered with 35 businesses and nonprofit organizations to put on these events. As the co-host of the 2019 Visiting SAGE event, SAGE will highlight the importance of working across generations to protect our oceans. Learn more at WeAreSage.org

The Oregon Coast Aquarium creates unique and engaging experiences that connect you to the Oregon Coast and inspire ocean conservation. An accredited Association of Zoos & Aquariums institution, this 501(c)3 non-profit organization is ranked as one of the top 10 aquariums in the U.S. It has provided a living classroom to 15 million visitors and is a vital educational resource for the State. The Aquarium teaches ocean literacy and brings marine science to 36,000 students in 125 schools throughout the Northwest. As co-hosts of this event, SAGE and the Aquarium seek to elevate the importance of global conservation and science education efforts.

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