Earl Newman


On nearly 50 acres of land just east of Corvallis in Summit Oregon, you’ll find one of the originals, a real pioneer, who led the artistic movement that is today seen everywhere — anything that is “California Cool” takes design cues from Earl’s early work. Not originally a Californian, Harvard educated, and not willing to settle for the status quo, Earl migrated to Venice Beach, CA in the early 60’s just to experience the Venice, artists life. Earl and his wife Jean agreed that “we might run out of money within a year or so and have to go back east, but at least we’ll have experienced bohemian California living for a while.


Earl started to produce silkscreened posters for local coffee houses, and sold cool little art pieces at Venice Beach. He was a hit. Earl says as a young man his father told him: “I don’t care what you do for a living, as long as you wear a white shirt and a tie.” Later Earl’s Mother came to visit him in California, and the “horror” of the 1960’s Venice lifestyle brought her to tears. No white shirt, no tie.

Good news for Earl’s Mom though, Earl has become a national treasure, despite his beatnik ways. In the course of his California wanderings, he became the poster artist for the Monterey Jazz Festival — for 50 years. His jazz festival posters have been signed and delivered to the Smithsonian.


Earl was introduced to Oregon by a woodworker friend, and bought his beautiful spread in Summit – for… you don’t want to know how much. Earl and Jean (sadly, no longer with us) raised three kids in Oregon, and Earl is still hard at work leading the way in cool silkscreened art. Look for Earl at the Summit Festival in the 3rd week of August or visit



  1. this guy and his wife were insiders in beat community in the Beach Cities in LA in the day.
    I was just a kid but my mom let me wander inside the Insomniac Cafe Bookstore etc. on Pier Avenue in Hermosa epicted in several of his silkscreen pieces.
    I get that he nd Jean are gone- is anyone tending to his online store? thanks

  2. I received one of his Prints from a good friend who just recently passed away I would love to know the name of it. If I sent a picture with somebody tell me what it’s called? It’s signed by Earl Newman. We just call it “Jimi Hendrix” cuz we don’t know who would actually is! It was bought in California in the early 60s. Thank you much, Tammie Wingo

  3. Earl Newman was discovered by my grandfather, Mack McDowell in Venice Beach in the late 1960s. My wife called Earl in 2015 to let him know my grandfather passed. Earl told us how much my grandfather meant to him. He then personally painted my wife and I a calander and sent it to us. What a man! I still have silk screens (more than 20) given to my grandfather personally by Earl. They are cherished!!!! You will not find the silk screens that my family has. They are SO beautiful.

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