January 31, 2023

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The Face of Heart Surgery

The Surgery Center of Salem

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Our expert cardiothoracic surgeons provide personalized care and advanced surgical options to help improve your health.

Health Care cardiothoracic surgeons performed the first open-heart procedure in 1958. Since then, we have continued to provide advanced care, becoming well-known as the most active and respected cardiothoracic referral centers. Every year, our cardiothoracic surgeons perform more than 750 cardiothoracic procedures, offering experience you can trust.

Our expert cardiothoracic surgeons provide comprehensive services, including:

  • Complete surgical treatment for lung cancer, including laser endoscopy and thoracoscopy
  • Management of lung and esophagus conditions
  • Surgeries for lung, chest, heart and blood vessel trauma
    • Our surgeons perform chest wall surgeries to correct funnel chest, or pectus excavatum, in which a person has a sunken chest.
    • Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy for patients with severe hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating in hands, feet or underarms.
  • Treatment of congenital and acquired heart defects, including electrical problems of the heart and arrhythmias
    • Our surgeons perform minimally invasive surgical ablation on eligible patients to surgically treat atrial fibrillation, including the MAZE procedure, which creates a ‘maze’ of new pathways to let electrical impulses travel through the heart.
  • Care for coronary artery disease, including coronary artery bypass graft