July 20, 2024

Zebidiah Ross, Owner/Operator

The Face of Professional Home Repair and Maintenence


Phone: 503-509-9016

Fix -N-Scape is your go-to for professional home repair and maintenence. Zebidiah Ross will work out most any home repair issues you may have, and he can even set up a regular schedule to keep what is most likely your most important investment in top shape, your home. He’ll even provide you with sound advice and likely steps to remedy your home repair needs for items that are outside the scope of his business, like  major electrical issues or steep roof repairs.

Fix-N-Scape can provide a plethora of home improvements at reasonable prices and you’ll be kept appraised of progress every step of the way. 

For honest, thorough, trustworthy work, Zebidiah should be your first call when an issue arises. 

Visit the website to learn more about Fix-N-Scape and the services available. Based in Albany, Fix-N-Scape serves the Mid-Willamette Valley.