July 19, 2024

Mark van der Pol and Adrienne Fritze, Photo: Kelby M Shelton

The Face of Fun & Games

Conundrum House

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Imagine attending a whimsical tea-party, in an atmosphere of 1890’s London with evocative costumes and settings – how would you dress to an elegant 1890’s afternoon tea soiree? There’s no particular rules or requirements – possibly just don a fancy hat, wear a flamboyant tie, or go all out assembling your own fabulous sartorial creation – all perfect for playing with us! Or imagine joining a Reading of the Will as one of 12 suspects in the tragic death of the Great Sage in our sister town, Monkshood, Oregon – all totally made up – clearly we are playing out loud!

To play as kids play – uninhibited, unconstrained, unconcerned and unleashed – we remember how that was, or if we have children, how it still is for them. Play is vital in our cognitive development, exploring and understanding the world around us – discovering boundaries and the limits of our abilities – where learning and development occurs. That capacity does not end when we outgrow child-like play and assume the mantle of responsible adults. But it is hard in our society to play – to continue challenging our brains and ourselves to push and expand our boundaries and abilities. What masquerades as play for adults is often nothing more than being entertained, or consuming entertainment, or watching a few  ‘play’ – football, golf, etc. But it’s not as kids play.

At Conundrum House, we bring a little play to your everyday – play in the sense that kids play – discovering new things, new interactions to try, imagining other ways of being, speaking, or acting. Sometimes, it looks like an alluring tabletop-boardgame, sometimes a puzzle with a story to solve, or a clue-hunt in a mystery-mansion. Those are just a start, hooking your brain into stretching further with fantastical excursions of imagination, fantasy, play-acting or creating. We want you all to come play with us! It will be a blast, and your mind will boggle at its ability to still unleash play like you used to!

Your Conspirators-In-Play, Mark van der Pol and Adrienne Frize.

Conundrum House – 460 SW Madison Ave, Corvallis, OR 97333