First Friday at New Zone Gallery in Eugene

Sheri Smith, “Weavings Gone Wild.”

First Friday opening, April 1st  
5:30-8:30  New Zone Gallery  11th and Oak in Eugene

Featured Artist: Nancy Friedemann

Title of Show: Between Heaven And Earth

Turn aside from your mind; follow your heart to life’s deepest levels.  Have
a lot of fun and enjoy your journey.


Title of Show:  Weavings Gone Wild 

An exuberant display of sculptured baskets, wall art, floor mats and
wearable items which have all been woven. Materials range from pine needles,
dune grass to reclaimed copper covered electrical wire and more.

Sheri Smith is a self-taught basket artist, who uses the coiling technique,
in which dune grass and pine needles come together with waxed linens to
create a variety of artful pieces. 

In the Klausmeier Room:  

 “The Collected NUDE” 

An assemblage of nude artwork from past Salon des Refusés, New Zone Gallery
and Zone 4 All exhibitions from 1991 to 2021 will be displayed in the Klausmeier Room of the New Zone Gallery in April.

Work from artists will include: Barry Geller, Erin Williams, Anna Mueller, Demetra Kalams, Barbora Bakalarova, Jamie Burress, Jerry Ross, Dick
Graveline and many more.

Visit the New Zone Gallery Website to learn more.

<strong>110 East 11th Av</strong>e. Eugene, OR 97402

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