Founding Members to be Featured at Art in the Valley Gallery in July

Emeriti Artists

The artists of Corvallis’ Art in the Valley Gallery are honoring retired members Kathryn Honey and Barbara Weber.

Kathryn Honey and Barbara Weber (in 1991 a founder member of Illustrated Garden Gallery – now art in the Valley) maintain their interest in the gallery with a showing of watercolors and prints.

About Barbara Weber

Barbara Weber’s University education was taken at Oregon State College (as it was called at the time) where she received a BS degree in 1953. She returned to Oregon State University in 1967. She started as a full time student and received her BA degree in 1971. She had a deep interest in processes and techniques, but broadened into a fascination for art history and the legacy that artists around the world have bequeathed to those who seek to participate by showing their own works. Her studies included work with Jun’Ichiro, renowned Japanese woodblock artist, George Tsutakawa, Seattle sculptor and Sumi artist, Prefessors Berkley Chappell, Paul Gunn, Alan Munro, and John Rock.

The Moon and Blues, Barbara Weber

She comments “The prints and paintings that I make must speak for themselves. They are images that are important to me. But if pressed beyond that, I can only say that this artwork is my way of understanding the workd and my relationship to it. The mystery of life is the stimulus. Nature shows the way.”

Moon over Marys Peak, Barbara Weber

After some years of doing Japanese woodblock prints and watercolors, in 1980 she started her own adaptation of the offset printmaking process, starting with the note cards and then expanding to larger formats in the mid 1990s. They are delicate monoprints, each displaying rich variations on the theme she has chosen: the use of small natural leaf and plant forms. Her printing process itself is two dimensional, her earth subject is not “earth anchored.” It seem to be suspended on air, or in the sun, or with the illusion of reflected spaces.

Journeying , Barbara Weber

A group of her prints were shown at the John Clare Society meeting in Helpston, England in 1993 at the bicentenary of the birth of the poet John Clare at at their meeting in Baltimore in 2003. In 2002, the Kadlec Medical Center of Richland, Washington purchased 19 of her botanical prints as a memorial to use in the new private hospital rooms. Her work is in many public and private collections and has been in numerous juried and invitational shows.

In 1991 she became a founding member of the Illustrated Garden Gallery which is now Art in the Valley gallery on 2nd St. in Corvallis and continued as a working member before retiring in 2018.

Picket , Kathryn Honey

About Kathryn A. Honey                                

Corvallis, OR.

MEDIA:   Watercolor


Born and raised in the Willamette Valley. Attended Oregon State College majoring in Home Economics and art, graduating with a BA and MHEc. Began painting in 1979 with classes from Caroline Buchanan at Linn- Benton Community College.

Worn, Kathryn Honey

Additional workshops with Christopher Schink, Gerald Brommer, Al Brouillette, Irving Schapiro, Fredrick Wong, Jan Kunz.and Carla O’Connor.

Crocus, Kathryn Honey


Northwest Watercolor Society since 1996,  Signature Member.

Watercolor Society of Oregon 1981 to present.

Corvallis Arts Guild since 1982.

Vineyards and Vistas

Art in the Valley Gallery


Works are included in the permanent collections of the Benton County Courthouse, the Family Studies Center at Oregon State University, OSU Agriculture Dept., Good Samaritan Hospital, Pastaga House, as well as local businesses and numerous private collections.


Art in the Valley Gallery, Corvallis, OR.


Oregon is full of wonderful painting subjects, just perfect for watercolors. I try to capture the green of grass and trees, the blues of rivers and lakes, the browns of newly turned earth and the patterns, variety, and feel of all. Reducing nature to the size of a painting is difficult, so I give you a glimpse of the larger whole.

Art in the Valley Gallery
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