Greater Corvallis Rotary Clubs Movie Night


Lee Eckroth, our (awesome) inspirational past-president, provided snapshot of the good things that occurred for our family-oriented showing of ET in Avery Park. Lee stated that the energy that went into the event was evident throughout the evening. Approximately 1,000-1,200 people were in attendance and to a person they had a wonderful time. With over $9,000 in revenue (sales plus sponsorship) we had about $7,500 in expenses. Thus, as a fundraiser, it did not generate the type of revenue anticipated. However, what was gained regarding exposure for Rotary and our club was phenomenal. Our “dash for cash” collected approximately $500 in 10 minutes, thanks to the imaginative collection buckets provided to us by Amy Jauron.
Additional movie recap comments were made by Brian Augustine, telling us that he made five trips to Woodstocks to replenish Pizza sales for the evening. Brian summed up his experience by stating that movie night “made Rotary look cool.” Mike Sheets thanked Lee for his leadership of the event, stating that our Rotary booth had visitors, but more people learned about Rotary directly from members walking around in their “Rotarian at Work” t-shirt as well as our presentation before the movie. Tammy Todorovich reported that he Raffle Committee sold out of tickets. She stated that the $1/ticket price was “perfect and affordable.” Tammy added that she was “honored to be a part of such a great event.” [Aside – Tammy is getting married this week – we all wish her the best of good luck and our hearty congratulations!] Finally, Karen Emery said that the event generated positive feedback from others, especially her staff at Corvallis Parks and Recreation. Further, it provided great exposure of the park to the community, making Parks and Rec look good. Karen was thanked for her great assistance and cooperation. This short eight minute video featuring photos from Club member David Zajicek will give the full feeling of the magic that happened that one night in Corvallis!
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