Hey Oregonians, It’s camping time, and here’s a cool new thing…

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PORTLAND, OR (June 2, 2016) – The Dyrt has launched a new website that will soon become the nation’s leading campground search tool driven by crowdsourced photos, videos and reviews of nearly every campground in America. The Dyrt is leveraging gamification with its $100,000 Great Camping Giveaway to become the go-to source for finding the right campground to fit your needs, solving the pain of searching online to find a campground, something with which 40 million Americans struggle each year.

Last summer, Portland-based husband and wife team Kevin Long and Sarah Smith conducted a small 45-day beta launch that generated more than two thousand campground photos and videos with almost no promotion, far exceeding initial expectations. Smith, co-founder and VP of product and community for The Dyrt, is an avid camper and no stranger to the challenges of researching campgrounds. “I was beyond frustrated with the experience of finding a campsite online, so we set out to build a robust campground database and found a way that will quickly make The Dyrt the number one resource for campsite reviews, photos and videos,” says Smith. “You wouldn’t book a hotel without checking out a review or photo, a campground should be no different.”

The Dyrt is “gamifying” its inaugural summer season with a four-month $100,000 Great Camping Giveaway in which users at the state level earn points and win prizes for posting useful campground content and reviews. “The Dyrt encourages all campers to get involved, rewards users for reviewing campgrounds, and in the end, makes finding campsites online easier for everyone,” says Kevin Long, co-founder and CEO of The Dyrt. “The game creates incentive to submit reviews, but is also a fun and competitive way for users to journal their camping adventures.”

Active lifestyle apparel manufacturer and Oregon brand partner, swrve, recognizes the struggle felt by campers. They, along with other outdoor brands, have teamed up with The Dyrt to give away thousands of quality outdoor goods and aid in the improvement of searching for a campground digitally. “We are excited to partner with The Dyrt and participate in a program set up to revolutionize the way campers search for their next adventure,” says Muriel Bartol, general manager and co-founder of swrve. “Having attended college in Oregon and explored the beautiful state first-hand, I know that Oregon’s active population of outdoor enthusiasts will be a great fit for swrve products.”

The Dyrt features a real-time Oregon leaderboard and will reward ten high-ranking reviewers who contribute and share the most useful campground reviews and content in the months of June, July, August, and September. The Dyrt also features a national leaderboard that recognizes The Dyrt super campers that lead the charge in generating useful campground content.

Stay tuned for promoted Oregon camping content from the leaderboard winners and expert camping tips from The Dyrt.

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