Home Improvement Through Communication


I can’t think of a better way to improve your home life than to improve communication.

I once had a customer come into my office and say, “if I go home without hearing aids my wife is going to kill me”.  He did get hearing aids and every time he came in for batteries or check-ups he would say, “You’re the man that saved my life”.  We would both laugh and then he would talk about how much better life at home was now that he was hearing what his wife said.

Hearing loss puts a great stress on families when it interferes with communication.  Communicating your ideas and feelings is a most important part of improving your home.    Like adding a sunroom it can bring a lot of light into your life.

The best part of my job is when I get a call from a family member saying they are once again enjoying conversation with a loved that had not been hearing them.

Hearing loss is kind of like a sticking door or a dripping faucet.  You just keep putting up with it until you, or your spouse, just can’t stand it any longer.  After you do something about it you ask yourself why you waited so long.

It’s that home improvement time of year.  Why not take a step to improve communication at home and get a hearing evaluation.  It just might bring new light to every room in your house.

Peter Lee owns and operates Peak Hearing Systems in Lebanon and Philomath. He can be reached at: 541-451-1733



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