Homegrown Smoker, Vegan BBQ

In a world awash with bacon, there’s a place in North Portland that bucks the trend “Homegrown Smoker.” In the gritty northeast neighborhood of St. Johns, Homegrown Smoker sits at the intersection of 1970, and 2017. A cool, old diner on a not-yet-gentrified street lined by such classics as “The Man’s Shop – since 1940” and “Patties Home Plate Cafe.” The area is cool, old school Portland. Homegrown Smoker began in a food cart in Portland. Unfortunately, the cart went up in smoke, and now they are in a “real” building. Unfortunate at the time, but actually pretty cool now. We loved the area and their space. It just feels familiar, like they’re been there forever.

Mind you, we’re not trying to preach about how you should all be vegan. Eat bacon if you like! But, we figured there could be no harm in lowering our Cholesterol just a tiny bit, maybe. Right?

We were pleasantly surprised, everything was great! Homegrown Smoker is 100% pain free for those who think BBQ HAS to involve animals. We had a “Rib Plate” which consisted of Smoked Tempeh “ribs” and “Macnocheese” and hush puppies – corn fritters for you non-southerners. We’re already planning to go back to sample the “Grit Sticks” and the “All American Burger.”

Prices are very reasonable, service is quick and friendly. Two sauce soaked thumbs up for this place!

Homegrown Smoker
8638 N. Lombard, Portland
Menu: www.homegrownsmoker.com

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