How to Die Young (at a very old age)

Feeling Great in Your Golden Years

By Frank Sievert MD

I would like to make this a place to share immediately useful and actionable advise for achieving or maintaining optimal wellness. It starts with applying the following basic rule: remove the bad stuff, add the good stuff, here is how to do it in 10 steps:

Always buy organic food, if not available, at least make it non-GMO. Nobody can afford to eat or drink anything less. It comes down to: do you want to spend your money now, for good food, or later for doctor and hospital bills? It actually is just that simple!

Avoid genetically modified food like the plague (that it is). It directly causes a condition called “leaky gut”, which is just as awful as it sounds.

Detox from sugar. That is difficult as sugar is hidden in almost everything, under 56 different names. The easiest way to do this is by avoiding processed food.

Never drink soda, neither regular nor diet, aside from being generally toxic, it will cause osteoporosis and fatty liver as well as obesity.

Make sure to drink half your body weight in pounds daily, filtered water, free from chlorine, fluoride and for that matter, Prozac (believe it or not, all city water nowadays contains trace amounts of it, and other medications).

Introduce a digital “sabbath”: take a break from all digital media, i.e. once weekly for a day, or once a quarter for a longer period. Make plans for family outings instead or read that book you meant to for the last year. Once you tried it you will be looking forward to the next time.

Start a gratitude journal, every night jot down 3 things you were grateful for that day. This has been shown to reduce stress hormones and improve your sleep.

Make time for something you enjoy, if only 20 minutes, every day.

Immerse yourself into nature, such as taking a walk in the woods, walking in the shopping mall isn’t going to cut it.

Remove yourself from sitting, it is the new smoking. Get a standing desk or at least get up regularly, like hourly. Walk whenever you can, never use the elevator. Park far away from the store.

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