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Excited and honored that my painting work-in-progress, "Art as GPS on Anticipatory Grief Journey," will be shown at infinityroomsalem beginning March 4, 2023. Join us for the show opening, my debut comedy performance about life, love, caregiving and impending loss, artist Q&A and reception from 2 to 4 p.m.!
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When Corvallis IS at the end of the rainbow!
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#willamettevalleywine willamettevalleywine to get the inside scoop on all the best WV Wineries!
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The rose gardens at Avery Park were looking quite artistic this afternoon with our first snow! 

 #Snow #Roses #VisitCorvallisOregon #WhatCanWeDeliverForYou
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You don’t even have to get up early to catch sunrise these days!  This view was from this morning near Tangent.  #sunrise #oregon #moon #whatcanwedeliverforyou
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Deliveries in Philomath today took us right by cardwellhill where harvest and wine production are in full swing!  Check out our website for wine purchase and delivery.  #whatcanwedeliverforyou
#Wine #OregonWine #DrinkMoreWine
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Samurai Blue in Portland, soooo good!
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The leaves they are a’ changing.
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Corvallis farmers market… fall fruit.
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LCAR Visit, met micro bull. Pretty cute.
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Coconut, pineapple, lime, soda, orange = Beach Vibes
Calamansi vinegar, citrus, basil, jerk spices = Golden Jerk
Inspired cocktails, beautiful salads, and intriguing sandwiches all created by a James Beard award-winning chef; you prob should go.  #epilogue
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One of our drivers found this very sincere pumpkin patch today.  #whatcanwedeliverforyou
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I logged about 4.5 miles this afternoon on the very fun C2C Trail that starts in downtown Corvallis and goes all the way to the coast!  I’m doing it in sections as I find the time.  October makes for great hiking; the big leaf maples are beautiful!
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Behind the scenes with kgwnews - catch us on the 4pm news TODAY! 

#LetsGetOutThere #WoollyBear #Caterpillar #TheOregonChallenge
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The 60-mile C2C Trail is ready for some fall walking or bicycling.  We will be section hiking it over the next several weeks; watch for updates. This week we hiked the section through private land that requires a (free) permit.  A fantastic trail. 🥾 Corvallis-to-the-Sea!

#Nature #Explore #Adventure #VisitCorvallis #c2c #Hike
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When you see this dynamic duo around town, make sure you say hi.  Gina and her pup Bruner are visiting from Bend; Bruner is competing in the chintiminikc FastCAT event this weekend. Bruner is a Catahoulah and is very fast!  We all enjoyed a fantastic dinner at sybarisbistro, hopefully giving everyone the energy for a win tomorrow.  #welcometoalbany 

#authenticallyalbany #visitalbanyoregon #fastcat #catahoulah
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It was a beautiful night!  There are only three more Wine Wednesday left in our music series so come up before the summer is over.
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Shook hands today with national treasure/local artist Earl Newman. He's hard at work on a cool new project. Get the details in our May/June issue. #earlnewman
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Momiji for lunch. Yes!
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Natty Dresser in Albany. Sign says: How come no one laughed when the giraffe told jokes? The jokes went right over their heads. 😂🙄
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Spotted on the open road. #corvette #I5
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Ben enjoying a sunny afternoon in #mcminnville
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