Keeping Your Cool With Fabric & Color

By Oscar B Hult

Summer has finally arrived. Are you ready for the outdoor patio parties? The summer BBQs? Those Family Reunions on the lake? The sun is out, the temperature is up, and you’re asking; “How do I dress comfortably and keep looking sharp?”

Dressing well in warm weather isn’t as hard as you might think. When buying Summer clothing, (this applies to shorts, shirts, pants, jackets…) you want to invest in garments made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. Light test: Hold the garment up and look through it. If you can’t see light through the weave, it may not be a deal breaker, but it’s not going to breath as well as one you can see through.

Here are three great Summer fabrics:

Almost all summer clothing will be made out of cotton, but not all cotton is the same, be sure to get one that’s summer appropriate. 100% cotton Is best. Avoid “non-iron” cotton as they will have a coating on them that makes them less breathable. There are lots of weaves and that makes a difference. Seersucker is probably the best for keeping cool, but a plain loose weave is great too. Twill weaves like denim and knit fabrics like tee shirts are usually going to be warmer.

Linen has been the summertime go-to for centuries for good reason. It’s super lightweight, breathable, and absorbs moisture exceptionally well. Linen has a very distinct look to it. The downside is that linen wrinkles, but that’s part of its charm. This is the only time you can get away with wrinkled clothes.

Tropical Weight Wool
You might be surprised to see wool on this list as it’s typically associated with Fall & Winter. However, wool actually has a very wide comfort range and adapts to almost any weather condition. Tropical weight wool’s unique properties make it especially great for summer. (remember to do the light test). When you sweat, wool actually pulls the water away from your skin, into the fabric, and then dissipates into the atmosphere. Not only that, but it keeps you from getting smelly, because it is antimicrobial. Wool is also easy to care for too. It will actually bounce back into shape if you let it hang up in your closet — which means minimal ironing. Because of wool’s natural odor resistance and moisture-wicking properties, if you only wear the garment once a week or so, you’ll only need to get it cleaned is if you spill something on it.

Why Should You Should Be Wearing Color?

Summer is the best time to wear color. Lighter and brighter colors are especially appropriate because they better reflect that summertime vibe. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and everybody’s happier, because of all that vitamin D. As you know, dark colors like black, chocolate brown and burgundy, absorb the heat; so you should avoid those. The lighter your clothes, the less heat they’ll absorb. So don’t be afraid to push the boundaries with your colors! That is the whole point of this season. Summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up being stylish, and that’s totally doable now that you know how to dress for summer heat.
I can’t promise you won’t sweat, but if you invest in the right fabrics, wear the right colors, and keep your outfits summer-breathable, you won’t feel like you’re suffocating. Dress Well, Be Confident, Find Success!

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