Main Street Drivers Expands Wine Tour Chauffeur Service to Willamette Valley


The Willamette Valley is now widely considered one of the world’s best wine regions of pinot noir but is also having great success with other varietals such as Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, Pinot Gris and Sangiovese.

There are more than 300 wineries in the area, but the best known names have been releasing pinot noirs since the early Seventies.

There are more wineries offering tours and tastings than you could possibly get to in a single trip. These eye opening tours come in every size and description, and with all sorts of special aspects from being pet, family and eco-friendly.

The Willamette Valley is one of the best wine regions in the nation to visit in person. The surrounding areas are beautiful, welcoming and with an abundance of locally made foods well suited to the wines.

The Portland/Willamette Valley is a must visit destination for any wine lover or serious foodie.

In addition to providing a safe driving option, Main Street Drivers is a more affordable option than renting a car or limo service, with rates staring at $35 an hour, plus a 20% service/gratuity charge. All drivers are insured, vetted and have gone through a comprehensive background check, and many are well-versed in the local wine culture, able to make recommendations on wineries to visit and help plan the most efficient and enjoyable tasting afternoon based on individual preferences.

Main Street Drivers began offering its services on the east end of Long Island, with a specific focus in the Hamptons, in 2011, and has been awarded the “Best Car/Limo Service Readers’ Choice Gold Award” by Long Island publication Dan’s Papers every year since. With the addition of drivers available in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the Seattle area, this unique service is the perfect fit for a variety of occasions such as:

· Brewery, winery, and spirit distillery tours
· Executive travel
· Nights on the town (party-hopping, concerts, sporting events, etc.)
· General travel about town
· Culinary and beverage events
· Designated drivers for one-way pick-ups
· Weddings and rehearsal dinners
· General vehicle transport (to and from the airport and for pets, family member carpooling, senior transportation, cleaning service professionals, etc.)

Reservations can easily be made via the web site at or by calling 888-327-4460. Follow along on social media for additional information via Facebook ( and Instagram (

Main Street Drivers is an award-winning transportation service that has perfected the “your car + our driver” concept and can create a package for each and every client need. We offer professional drivers to our clientele as an alternative to hiring an expensive car service and have been operating accident-free since our launch on the east end of Long Island, New York in 2011. With a focus on luxury transportation and experiences, MSD now operates in the wine states of New York, Oregon and Washington, with a specific focus on the wine regions of the Finger Lakes and North Fork in New York, the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the Walla Walla Valley in Washington, and now, most recently, MSD is pleased to announce its official launch in the greater Seattle area and suburbs of Western Washington, including the wine destinations of Seattle Urban Wineries and Woodinville Wine Country. Visit to learn more and make a reservation.

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