Malone Files for Benton County Commissioner

Commissioner Pat Malone

Pat Malone, a fifth generation Oregonian and long-time Benton County resident, has filed for a second term as Benton County Commissioner.  “As county commissioner, I’ve enjoyed helping Benton County respond to the wide variety of challenges and look forward to another term to continue working on existing and new projects.”

     Malone’s 2018 pre-election priorities were long-term planning, emergency preparedness and helping people without housing.   Said Malone, “Like many small business owners, I have had to manage our business’s finances and live with the consequences of my decisions.   I have brought that real world experience to the County to see well beyond one or two-year budget cycles and to push for long-term solutions.”

     “I’m proud of how Benton County has handled the Covid pandemic by putting science over ideology and taking the long view.  Thanks to our Health Department, robust testing by Oregon State University, and everyone in the County working to stay healthy, we have one of the highest vaccination rates and lowest infection rates in Oregon,” said Malone.   “When Covid hit, my role as Chair of the Commission was to help set the priorities for a vigorous response to the pandemic.   With a healthy population, Benton County schools and businesses have been able to get back to operating with a new normal mode.”

     In 3 years of working on community connections like public transit and bike and walking paths, Malone helped get money and plans for a connecting path between Albany and Corvallis when Highway 20 is repaved.   “I want to keep the momentum going to move from the planning stage to reality.”  Malone pledged to continue to foster these kinds of community connections such as the path between Corvallis and Adair/McDonald Forest.

     Malone feels the passing of the 9-1-1 service district in 2019 put the county’s emergency response capability on solid ground for years to come.  “Wildfire and earthquake potential make this upgrade important,” said Malone.  

     “The County’s grant to help purchase The Budget Inn, now called The Third Street Commons is a vital step to long-term housing stability.   I will continue to take the long-term view for the safety and health of all the people in our county.”

     Malone cited a desire to represent what is best for everyone in the county with the integrity to stand by his values, the inclusivity to respect all viewpoints and the ingenuity to creatively address both opportunities and challenges.   “I appreciate the input from community members who have contacted me and want to thank them for their comments.   I look forward to talking with and listening to community members about setting Benton County priorities during the coming year.”

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