May and June at River Gallery in Independence

Mother’s Day is coming soon and River Gallery has some enchanting art available.  

In May, River Gallery will showcase the delightful ceramics of Sue Mason in our window exhibit.  Wander by to appreciate Spring in it’s floral glory.  
We have over 70 artists, including Partners and Associates. You can view their artwork on our website at:

Sue Mason

Louie Gizyn – June 2020 Window Exhibit

I majored in art since Kindergarten, and received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1976.

The “Death-Defying” feats of everyday life and its cast of thousands are an inspiration.  

Louie Gizyn – Flutter Bye, Green

A fascination with circus entertainers and mime also captures my attention. Mime, like many artforms, presents a visual statement to an audience. Gesticulation and stance tell a story. For me, the human figure is a vehicle of design and of communication. 

Louie Gizyn

We are offering curbside delivery by appointment only.  If you are interested in purchasing art you can email us at:

We ask that you wear masks and gloves for pickup please.

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