My 6 favorite benefits from Pilates Exercise


By Lynn M Kirschner

Ok there are so many more than 6 benefits, like better sleep, better sex and decrease in inconstancy! Yes I said it and they should be proudly talked about, but that is another article. I put together these 6 thoughts for those who are Pilate’s enthusiasts and those who might be curious about what Pilates can do for you.

Pilates is a whole body fitness program
Yes we think of Pilates as “core strength”, but it is the attention to detail of the extremities and upper chest region that gives it a unique advantage to whole health. As you do the variety of exercises, you will focus on posture or bone alignment, proper breathing and perfecting each exercise to the best of your abilities. Pilate’s workout promotes strength and balanced muscle development, as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints.

Adaptable to many fitness levels and needs
The foundation of Pilate’s movement can be, and is applied to many exercises. Whether you are a senior in or out of shape, young athlete, or have chronic issues, you will benefit from this method of training. You will find that the method is very adaptable to your favorite activities, like golf, walking or living a functional life. With a certified trainer she/he can create a program using Pilate’s exercises and other modifications to reach your goals.

Create a Deep strength without the bulk of muscle
When we were young and we could climb up the kitchen counter to steal a cookie, it took no thought. Sitting on the floor or standing up from the floor was easy. Now we have to think about it or not do it at all. WHY! Deep stabilizing muscles have been forgotten and the larger muscles are trying to work all alone. This muscle imbalance causes loss of functional movement, pain and injuries. Pilates will engage all the muscles either as a main focus or to stabilize the body to do the exercise correctly. A long lean body type is created and ability to move freely becomes natural.

Pilate’s method flows in all planes of motion. As it strengthenss it lengthens the muscle, tendons and ligaments. This allows the range of motion to increase thoughout the body. The lack of flexibility is a major cause of back and joint pain.

Core Strength
This is what we think Pilates is only about, but it is so much more. Why can’t doing sit-ups be enough? Pilates engages the pelvis floor, internal muscle around the organs, transverse abdominals, front/back oblique’s and many more supportive deep core muscles. We gain the power to move through life on a strong frame. This allows the neck and extremities to somewhat relax and perform their jobs with grace.

Core strength is balance and balance is core strength
As you study Pilates you will notice your posture is greatly improved and you understand how to engage the core muscles. You move with confidence and grace. But if you stumble, you will notice you can recover and not fall. The strength and the knowledge to engage all your muscles is becoming second nature. Life becomes easier!

Now that your curiosity is piqued, and you are thinking about trying Pilates, I have a few suggestions. Look for small classes or private lessons, so you can master and get the most out the Pilates method. Do give yourself at least 10 sessions before deciding if it might work for you. Always make sure your teacher is fully certified in all the forms of Pilates, not just mat class.

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