Natty: (especially of a person or an article of clothing) smart and fashionable.

Oscar and Tamalynne Hult and “Haberdasherette” Rebecca Powell

Men, have you been wondering where clothes come from these days? Have you spent soul-crushing hours wandering around a cavernous mall only to be visually assaulted by t-shirts with silkscreens of Bruce Lee and Bob Marley, Samurai swords, and cell-phone kiosks? Stuffed bear anyone? Nascar jacket? Whatever happened to dashing men’s clothing, personal service, and the idea of building a wardrobe that would last — comprised of clothing you could actually wear outside your house or a carnival midway?

If you grew up watching Bond, James Bond, or if you just wish to explore the world of suave and debonaire, the answer is in Downtown Albany on First Street — The Natty Dresser. Oscar and Tamalynne Hult have built a fantastic business as the Mid-Valley’s premier, full-service men’s store offering quality men’s clothing, tailoring, tuxedo & suit rental and more. They even have a vintage shoe-shine stand in the store.

Both Oscar and Tamalynn clearly have an eye for design with a big dose of flair for the dramatic — the interior of the store is always changing and always looks fantastic. Walking around in the Natty Dresser is like a master class in “retail — how to.” Interesting vignettes are always appearing, rich, dark wood & leather mixes with the quality products you want to own. The coolest part? The dressing room, with the old-school rotary phone, desk lamps, and prints of, of course… James Bond. And it’s Sean Connery Bond, not the imposters who followed. From Albany with love.

If you’re holiday shopping, and you’ve got a man on your list, your first, and perhaps only stop, should absolutely be The Natty Dresser.

425 1st Ave W in Albany | 541-248-3561 |

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