Oregon Garden adds rare conifer, announces expansion


The Oregon Garden Foundation and the Western Region of the American Conifer Society (ACS) are working to expand The Oregon Garden’s Conifer Garden to nearly double its original size. The Conifer Garden currently boasts one of the largest collections of dwarf and miniature conifers in the United States, including one-of-a-kind species that have been collected from around the world.
The updated garden will display conifers in landscaped settings, including the recent addition of a Pinus contorta, also known as a Lodgepole Pine or Shore Pine tree. Nicknamed “The Chief Joseph,” this unique tree is special due to the rarity, age, and the fact that it was discovered growing wild in Oregon. The Chief Joseph was generously donated by the Rare Tree Nursery in Silverton.
The Conifer Garden expansion will also accurately and completely label each conifer, creating a living reference garden. All Conifer of the Year selections from the past and future will be proudly displayed.
The ACS Western Region provides on-going expertise to assure the Garden remains one of the finest showcases for conifers in the country. The garden also includes a variety of companion plants such as Japanese maples, Daphnes, heathers and heaths.
Other recent benefactors to The Oregon Garden include Bromead Nursery, Echo Valley Natives, and Pacific Region Compost and Dan Heims with Terra Nova Nurseries. These partners are invaluable in maintaining the Garden’s rich heritage.
The Oregon Garden Foundation and the ACS Western Region are accepting
tax-deductible donation today to finalize The Conifer Garden expansion. To learn more, visit http://www.oregongarden.org/ConiferGarden.htm.

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