Oregon Small Farms Conference

With the way this month has been, weather-wise, I’ve held off on visiting farmers in order to stay out of their way while tending farms with this crazy snow and weather. I am reaching out to them, however, to get some first-hand accounts of the things they’ve gone through and will post them in an upcoming blog post. But, I’ve already heard stories of farmers hauling buckets of water to animals, greenhouses collapsing under the ice and snow loads, and other crazy things. Farmers don’t have the option of just holing up like the rest of us when the weather turns bad. They have to be out there, in the thick of it, doing what they can do to maintain their livelihoods and take care of their animals and crops.

Anyways, there will be more to come on this, but the main point of this post is to alert you to the Small Farms Conference which is happening at OSU this Saturday, the 22nd. It’s an all-day thing but features 24 sessions on various topics and is geared for small farmers or and producers. I’ll be there for a bit to capture photos and possibly talk to some of the speakers and farmers that will be there. But, I encourage you to learn more about it and participate if you can. Info can be found on the link above.


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