Oregon Symphony Performs

Oregon Symphony Performs This Spring atthe Patricia Reser Center for the Arts

The Blue Hour in Concert

WHAT: The Oregon Symphony is performing two concerts at the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts this spring: The Blue Hour in Concert and The Law of Mosaics – A Musical Montage Across Four Centuries.

WHEN: Saturday, April 8, 2023 at 7:30 PM. Join composer/musician Shara Nova and musicians of the Oregon Symphony as they explore memories of childhood, war, love, and loss in an intimate and personal concert. Described as “a gorgeous and remarkably unified work” (The Washington Post), The Blue Hour amplifies the beauty, pain, and fragility of human life from a collective female perspective. Written collaboratively by composers Rachel Grimes, Angélica Negrón, Shara Nova, Caroline Shaw, and Sarah Kirkland Snider, The Blue Hour is a song cycle set to excerpts from Carolyn Forché’s epic poem On Earth and follows one woman’s journey through the space between life and death via thousands of hallucinatory and non-linear images. 

The Law of Mosaics – A Musical
Montage Across Four Centuries

Friday, May 5, 2023 at 7:30 PM. The Law of Mosaics – A Musical Montage Across Four Centuries with the Oregon Symphony brings together four centuries of music and considers the ways in which artists, by engaging with each other across time, help us to better understand ourselves and the world. Framing the program is a “classical symphony,” stitched together from the work of four composers from the past: C.P.E. Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, and Louise Farrenc. Interspersed between each movement are four pieces from some of the most imaginative composers of our time, which explore a musical collage in a variety of ways, mining memory, madcap humor, and ghostly nostalgia. 

WHO: The Oregon Symphony

WHERE: The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton, Oregon. 

TICKETS: Go to: https://thereser.org/shows-and-events, or call the Patricia Reser Center’s Box Office at (971) 501-7722.

CONTACT: Laura Luthi, pr@gradybritton.com

About Oregon Symphony
The multi-Grammy Award-nominated Oregon Symphony, led by Music Director David Danzmayr, serves more than 250,000 people annually through live concerts, and education and community engagement programs. Through innovative initiatives such as the Creative Alliance, the Oregon Symphony engages cultural thought-leaders to bring a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and inspiring musical experiences to our community that go beyond the concert hall and support the Symphony’s mission to move music forward. Online programming and syndicated broadcasts extend the Oregon Symphony’s reach to tens of millions more children and adults around the world. The Oregon Symphony has delighted audiences for more than 125 years and is the oldest orchestra in the Western United States. For more information, visit www.orsymphony.org. Follow Oregon Symphony on Instagram and Facebook.

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