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Our Children Oregon Honors Trailblazing Advocates at Awards Gala

The heart of downtown Portland glowed with pride and purpose last Wednesday evening as Our Children Oregon (OCO) hosted a meaningful awards gala at Northwest Natural’s community space. This prestigious event cast a spotlight on organizations that have demonstrated unwavering commitment to championing the rights and well-being of Oregon’s children, youth, and families.

Amidst a room full of applause, three extraordinary organizations—Family Forward Oregon, Oregon Center for Public Policy, and Y.O.U.TH—were hailed as the shining stars of the evening, each receiving awards for their monumental contributions. Nominated by OCO’s esteemed Children’s Agenda coalition, these honorees represent the pinnacle of collaborative advocacy, embodying the spirit of unity and collective action on behalf of Oregon’s youth.

With over $1.7 billion in policy wins for Oregon’s children and families, the impact of OCO’s Children’s Agenda is nothing short of transformative. This gala celebration not only commemorates the remarkable achievements of the past but also serves as a rallying cry for continued dedication to the cause of building a brighter future for every child in Oregon.

Director of Policy and Advocacy at Our Children Oregon, Ivy Major-McDowall, expressed profound pride in honoring these trailblazing organizations: “The awards bestowed tonight symbolize the tireless dedication and collective impact of our Children’s Agenda coalition—a force for positive change that reverberates across the state.”

In their acceptance speeches, representatives from Family Forward Oregon, Oregon Center for Public Policy, and Y.O.U.TH emphasized the transformative power of collaboration within the coalition. “The Children’s Agenda isn’t just a platform to amplify our individual efforts; it’s a strategic alliance that unites communities and constituencies in the fight for a better future,” remarked Candice Vickers, Executive Director of Family Forward..

As Oregon’s youth and children experience unprecedented challenges, OCO remains resolute in its commitment to forging pathways to prosperity for every child. The awards gala served as a poignant reminder of the power of unity and collective action in driving meaningful change.

To learn more about Our Children Oregon and join the movement, visit: www.ourchildrenoregon.org.

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