July 19, 2024

Balance Point Acupuncture

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Balance Point Acupuncture in Corvallis, Oregon

An environment of calmness, where peace welcomes you. All clients are on their own path and seek Chinese Medicine when it is appropriate for them. Therefore, it is important that each individual feels cared for and nurtured.

An Acupuncturist in Corvallis, Oregon, Ondria seeks to teach people that health and wellness are not based on physical factors alone.  Health and wellness are multifaceted and integrated. It is important to share and increase the knowledge regarding Chinese Medicine as an alternative – though traditional – model of health care. Healing isn’t about fixing the symptom with a band-aid. Healing incorporates an entire process of going to the root, assisting the mind, body, and spirit accordingly. All aspects are addressed.

Ondria Holub works primarily with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, utilizing the principles of yin and yang, and the zang-fu organ system. In addressing pain, she focus’s treatments around the style of Dr. Richard Tan. For Tan, instead of local points at the site of pain or injury, distal acupuncture points are used. Most pain can be addressed with treatment points below the elbows and knees.

Included in Ondria’s acupuncture treatments, she often incorporates Gua Sha and Fire cups as a modality.  She will recommend Chinese herbs to propagate treatment. Nutritional supplements and herbs are also suggested to support and assist the body physiology when necessary.

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