Party Friday @ Old World Deli and Pegasus Gallery


Party at the Old World Center & Pegasus Gallery!

ACORDIOSO in the Old World Deli!

& ART EXHIBIT in Pegasus Gallery!

Friday, October 18th, 2013 from 6-9pm

(We had such a good time at our last reception; we decided to do it again with music! Come enjoy the evening out in Downtown Corvallis on 2nd Street, where the ABC’s (Art/Beauty/Culture) of a community converge! See you there!)

Pegasus Gallery Hosts:

“Abstraction and Organic Imagery”

The artwork in the gallery this month is having a visual conversation between abstraction and organic imagery. Each piece poking at the viewer with a question – perhaps, a “what am I looking at?”

There are abstractions by new-to-the-valley artist Michael Lindstrom. Lindstrom’s pieces expose his years of experience in color theory and working a surface. His large painting falls into pieces with impressionist brushwork, crumbling the subject until it hangs on only by a thread. His small works scrub the surfaces with a ballet of pallet knife marks and gentle pastel colors.

Shoulders to shoulder on the walls with Lindstrom’s pieces are abstractions by local painter Bill Shumway. Shumway has shared his ongoing relationship, language and experiences expressing ideas and himself in abstractions and organic images around Benton County in public art installations (A Willamette River Diptych in the Corvallis Public Library, five large acrylic paintings translated from photo microscopy of Vitamin C cells at Oregon State University’s new Linus Pauling Science Institute, and at Linus Pauling Middle School, a second set of large acrylic Vitamin C images and a portrait of Linus and Ava Pauling for who the school was re-named, and a mural done in collaboration with the students during a accompanying residency.) During this exhibit Shumway shares several abstractions inspired by poetry and a few mixed media and collaborative pieces.

There will be a collection of Monoprints by Jack Janisch of Seattle. Janisch’s pigment, paper and practice of improvisation determine the image. Succinct splashes of color and shape decide how to be, and then move on into the next image. Steve Juda’s dried paint pallet collages and Paige Shumway’s colorful acrylics jump in as well. Local but new to the scene artist Ben McReynolds shares his inspired collection of recent photography of Corvallis’ breathtakingly beautiful small moments. Right under our noses – the leaf, the bee, the moving water; the rock, the dewdrop, the mathematically articulated flower it rests on. The ability to “see” is evident in McReynolds’ intriguingly joyous pieces.

The walls of the Old World Deli will also be hosting a collection of powerful images from artists associated with Pegasus Gallery who had work in this year’s Crater Lake National Park Exhibit at Oregon State University. Works by artists Don Ferguson, Bill Shumway, Greg Pfarr, Carol Selberg, Frances Stilwell and Ben McReynolds and others, make for a gorgeous “after the show – show!” (Pegasus Gallery will donate 10% of any of their sales from this collection to Crater Lake National Park. Help us proudly support Oregon’s National Park.)

Finally, the exhibit is rounded out by neighboring business Kaleidoscope Studios: Jewelry, Buttons & Beads, with a collection of two dimensional works threaded with theme of the organic images of water. Juicy colors from dappled water scenes by Diana Paris and Paige & Bill Shumway, silk screens by Jim Howland, woodblock prints by Kevin Clark, photography by Don Kristiansen and much more, make the stroll through The Old World Center this month, one not to be missed!

For more information contact Pegasus Gallery or the Old World Deli

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