Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

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Compliments of Kayla Van Lydegraf


Guests will be soon be arriving for all
your holiday celebrations. Are you ready?

To make the most of your space, a few simple changes is all it takes to make your holiday entertaining a success. Prepare your home now for company, decorating and entertaining with these easy, practical tips from Kayla Van Lydegraf of Dale’s Remodeling.

Decorating and Entertaining Tips to Make Your Holidays Merrier
De-clutter guest rooms and closets to make room for your company’s luggage and coats. Put away excess knick-knacks and donate extra toys, bedding and warm clothing.
Create neutral-based arrangements of decorative greenery and branches made of silk or other life-like materials. Designer Kendra Porter of Chrysalis Interiors in Salem says that makes it easy to add and update colorful florals to coordinate with each holiday. In addition, Kendra recommends cut juniper for a touch of holiday fragrance.

Plan a progressive dinner with neighbors, instead of preparing the whole meal yourself. One neighbor does appetizers, another does the first course, yet another the second course, and finally dessert. It’s fun and less work for everyone.

The front door sets the stage as guests arrive. Garland or a wreath makes a great statement in the fall, which can be added to progressively throughout the seasons.

Safety Outdoors
De-ice walkways, high traffic areas, stairs and entry ways. De-icing pellets and flakes work efficiently. Stay away from using sand, which can be slippery, and salt – it will damage your concrete driveways and sidewalks.

Improve lighting on walkways, especially around stairs. A simple solution is adding high-quality solar lights that stake in the ground. Hard-wired lighting will brighten dark doorways and porches, and it can be connected to a solar cell for automatic on and off at dusk and dawn.

Consider ease of access into your home if your guests use a cane, walker or wheelchair. Temporary ramps can be placed to make entry easier for them.

Safety Indoors
Use floor rugs or a roll-out carpet on hardwood floors, which can be a hazard for elders and young children. Make sure the rugs have rubber or non-slip backing.

Prevent falls in the bathroom by installing grab bars near toilets, and inside and outside of the shower or tub—suction-cup grab bars work well for a temporary solution. Use a rubber non-slip bathtub floor mat to prevent falls.

Prevent accidents in the kitchen by using proper pot holders, not a dish towel, which can easily catch fire. Silicone holders work best. If a frying pan catches fire, smother with a lid. And keep an up-to-date fire extinguisher in a convenient place. And always, ALWAYS have a first aid kit on hand.




Kayla Van Lydegraf of Dale’s Remodeling in Salem
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