River Gallery • July & August 2020

July 2020 Focus Artist Exhibit at River Gallery – Sheryl Thompson
Sheryl Thompson is an original Partner at River Gallery and enjoys playing with various mediums.  For her focus show she is presenting her glass art work.  These glass pieces are colorful and intriguing.  River Gallery’s focus show for July features a new body of work by Sheryl.  With a background in mixed media collage she has recently ventured into the realm of warm glass designs.  Visit River Gallery to enjoy her unique glass creations.  It’s a pretty glassy show!

July 2020 Window Artist Show – Deborah Sether
Deborah’s ceramic art pieces are bold and unique.  Her art allows you to imagine the story she is sharing with us.  Stroll by our July 2020 window display to appreciate her whimsical tales.

August 2020 Focus Artist Exhibit – Pam Serra-Wenz
Pam’s art reimagines landscapes and water with fearless and colorful abstract qualities.  Her process includes mixed media and sgrafitto that begin with bright under paintings.  Visit River Gallery in August 2020 to visualize your own voyage.

August 2020 Window Art Exhibit – Animals!
This exhibit features several artists using clay as their way to express various versions of the animal theme.  The artists are:
Andrea PeytonDale BunseGerry brehmGary House
Animal figures have been portrayed in cultural art for many thousands of years.As artists we develop ideas into something that transcends representation. Our sculpture doesn’t have be realistic in order to be recognized.Work is often more compelling when it is simplified or stylized.
Take a peek in our window in August to appreciate the playful ceramic art pieces they have on display.

We are soft opening during June 2020.  We will be open on Saturdays from 12:00 – 4:00pm.
River Gallery
Address: 184 S Main St, Independence, OR 97351
Phone: (503) 838-6171


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