River Gallery Art April/May 2020

Taylor’s Hand, Laurie Chambreau

April Focus Artist – Laurie Chambreau

My art education began at the knees of my mother and father. Observe, look intently, pay attention, be aware of your world. These lessons were taught exploring the old family homestead in the Tillamook Forest and on Sunday drives standing in the backseat of a 1957 baby blue Chevy Bel Air.

Mom was country. Dad was city. New plowed fields as smooth as velvet and night skylines of line and light with the shimmering Willamette River in the foreground. These things I remember, vividly. I was 5 years old.

By ten years of age, music had filled my world. Piano and violin lessons. Young Musicians Orchestra, directed by Sister Ann Miriam. Playing softball with us, after practices she would race around the diamond, her black habit streaming and red high tops hitting the dirt…beating the ball home. The 60’s had begun.

I came of age amidst the juxtaposition of war and peace, guns and flowers, rock and roll.  I enjoy exploring the abstract and opposites in life.

What a journey life is, multi-layered and faceted. In many ways I still see the world through the fresh eyes of a young girl. My art reflects those earlier lessons. I am excited by color and line, texture and tone. Whatever medium I use will always reflect, intimately, the world I observe.

April Window Art Theme – Animals!  

Animal figures have been portrayed in cultural art for many thousands of years.

As artists we develop ideas into something that transcends representation. 

Our sculpture doesn’t have be realistic in order to be recognized.

Work is often more compelling when it is simplified or stylized.

The participating artists are:

Andrea Peyton

Dale Bunse

Gerry Brehm

Gary House

May Focus Artist – Paul Gentry

Paul Gentry is a printmaker, painter, and mixed media artist whose focus is depicting the rural landscape that surrounds his home and studio in Independence, Oregon. Since 2001 he has specialized in wood engraving, a form of relief printmaking known for its technical precision and demanding technique.  When he’s not making prints, he devotes time to painting in acrylic and watercolor, as well as working in other mediums, including assemblage and hand-built ceramics.

In addition to his involvement with the River Gallery, Paul is represented in Portland by Print Arts Northwest and the Portland Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery and in Seattle, by Fine Impressions Gallery. He has exhibited extensively, including the national Small Works Exhibition at Washington Printmakers Gallery in Washington D.C. and the Portland/Nicosia International Print Exhibition at Opus 39 Gallery in Nicosia, Cyprus. Gentry is a member of the Northwest Print Council and the Wood Engravers Network.   

Fall Flowers, Sue Mason

May Window Artist – Sue Mason

It’s February and I’m  planning a show for May in the front window of River Gallery in Independence.  I’m dreaming of Spring and vases full of flowers, so vases is the theme for my show.  During the five decades I have been making work in clay on my trusted potters’ wheel, humor is something I aim for.  So there will be some kitty vases, owl and bird vases, a dog vase as well as the more traditional vase and pitcher forms.  By May I will even have flowers to fill my vases.  

For more: www.rivergalleryart.com

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