Salem on the Edge, New Show!

Melanie Weston, Gallery Owner

Salem on the Edge art gallery show October 4 – 28, 2023

Our featured artist is Robin Kerr. Robin’s show A MOMENT OF YOUR TIME, is work of abstract(ed) mixed-media uses the solidity of vessels contrasted with the etherealness of flowers as reminders of the beautiful, confounding, complexity of our world. Certainly the fabric collage, scribbly lines, rag applied paint and tiny details gives this classic genre a fresh and contemporary interpretation. Ideally the unexpected combinations of material, color, patterns, scale, aspect and perspective encourage a second look. Perhaps a memory, feeling or idea is brought to mind that prompts a smile, question or the beginning of a story. In any case, the work is successful if a dialogue of sorts occurs between the viewer and the art.

In my process I use acrylic paint, wax pastel or pencil, and ink. Paint is ragged onto the canvas or panel first, then the various shapes or marks are layered on top. Restrict methods using blue painters’ tape or vinyl cutouts form the bigger shapes where multiple layers of acrylic paint and wax pastel are blended and smudged together. The very fine lines are created by scraping off the top layer of wax pastel using an Xacto knife. This method is similar to sgraffito used in pottery. A metal etching tool is sometimes used to indent the wax pastel or paint to create texture or transfer color. Often a piece of fabric, sometimes a fragment of the original ragging cloth, becomes a collage element.

Our guest artist is Corrine Loomis Dietz, a long time Salem resident. Corrine was born in Michigan, growing up on the shores of Lake Huron. Her family relocated to the PNW in her teens and she went on to earn a BFA in Painting from CWU. In 1980 she moved to Oregon, developing a long history of work in art and photography. In 1999, Corrine became a Certified Working Artist for GOLDEN Artist Colors, teaching and lecturing about acrylic paint systems throughout the NW. The past 23 years of training and sharing process with other artists deeply impacted her methods and approach to paint!

Today Corrine’s Studio practice is about working fearlessly! She focuses her efforts on investigating memories and the color interaction from a wealth of pigments. For the artist, the act of painting is a constant play of energy, always questioning outcomes through abstraction.

Robin Kerr “How Are You” Acrylic paint, ink, wax pastel,
fabric collage on panel 36” x 60″, 2023

Corrine Loomis Dietz “Symbols of Bounty”
Acrylic on panel 35” x 23″

Salem on the Edge fine art gallery
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