Seasons Change, So Can You


Changing direction in life can be exhilarating and at the same time somewhat unsettling. I have reinvented what I do more than several times as I transitioned through careers and the stages in life

So what’s next?

In my search to define who I am and my purpose in life, I asked several close friends who have known me for years to help clarify, in their opinion; who I am. I found asking this question was challenging, although not because I was afraid of what it would reveal.

I think the challenge related to my former sense of value and the belief I had in myself to change and succeed in a new direction—a direction that truly makes a difference.

Through this process certain words emerged—fun, inspirational, reliable, leader, dedicated, empowering, and at times insecure.

What? Insecure?

Okay, I can live with that. I will continue to be a work in progress and be kind to myself by allowing for a side step, or two, along the way.

Hey, we are all human. We all have some of the same frailties and insecurities. We all struggle. The goal is to strive to the best version
of our self.

For years I had been listening to the external voices to define who I was, what I should be, and how far I could go in a chosen endeavor. I also listened to the limiting voices within my head.

Why was it so hard to give myself the permission to craft my own course and believe all things are possible?

That, my friends, is the million-dollar question that can lead us to the richness of the answer.

I am an encourager to many, and yet if I am being totally honest, I knew I was holding myself back.

Why? Again, the
million-dollar question!

These are the three questions I used to evaluate my direction:

Is the work you are doing truly serving you?
Is your life as meaningful as you would like?
Are you aware of your personal value?

To me, personal value equals inner strength, which will support you in staying true to who you are and keep you inspired. My value is going up each time I push myself closer to the edge or completely out of a comfort zone and I live to tell the story.

Seasons change, and so can you.

Rewriting and reframing the words I said to myself and about myself has been one of the biggest ‘ah-ha’ breakthroughs in overcoming my fears and has led to my success in business and life.

Today, I am a motivational speaker, coach and author delivering exceptional, life-changing experiences. Through the use of my voice, music and video, I engage and captivate audiences of every age group. My experience and stories inspire and empower others to take action in their own lives, to break down the walls of fear that can derail us from our desired outcome and to bring more joy and happiness into their lives.

With the change in color of the falling leaves I am reminded of our power to change our direction in life.

It does not matter where you start. It matters where you’re going.
Believe. Stay focused. Take your time.

All things ARE possible.

Bonnie Milletto
Speaker, Author, Motivator

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