Sinister Single Malt Whiskey Wins Highest Honor

Howard Jacob Single Malt Whiskey wins the highest honor for Single Malt Whiskey in Sip Magazine Best of the Northwest 2021 competition. “We only use a single barrel per batch, and each barrel is unique,” said Eric Howard, co-owner and distiller. “We knew this French Oak Barrel was special and would make an exceptionally smooth whiskey.”

Each barrel is aged a minimum of four years. “It can’t be rushed,” said Howard. Howard relies on his sense of adventure and his eye for details to create the Howard Jacob Whiskey. Every great whiskey starts with a great base. Brewing with the finest 2-row malts, the whiskey “wash” is created by their sister company, Deluxe Brewing.

The Howard Jacob Single Malt Whiskey wasn’t the only win for Sinister Distilling. They also won Silver for their Anchor Rose Pineapple Rum. It is a new spirit for the distillery. You can find all the Sinister Spirits in their Tasting Room located at 635 NE Water Ave in Albany and at certain OLCC liquor stores. To search to see where you can find Sinister Distilling spirits visit:

Just in time for the holidays, the Howard Jacob Single-Malt Whiskey makes an excellent gift or keep it for yourself to enjoy.

The first barrel of Howard Jacob that was released in 2016 won Bronze in the American Distilling Institute competition. The second barrel won Silver in 2020 in the Best of the Northwest Competition.

About Sinister Distilling

Sinister Distilling specializes in hand-crafted, small-batch, unique and flavorful spirits. A traditional whiskey pot still from Portugal is used to produce grappa, rum, gin, apple whiskey and single-malt whiskey. All of Sinister’s spirits are made from scratch, utilizing the finest local ingredients. For more information on Sinister Distilling visit

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