The AmazingYOU Conference Pivots to the Web.

Bonnie Milletto
Q&A with event founder and MC, Bonnie Milletto

How many years have you done the Women’s conference?

This October 2 will be the 7th Annual Event.

What was your motivation to start this venture?

A conference of this magnitute was not something I had ever thought about. My motivation was to help a dear friend move forward after the passing of her husband, also a close friend.

After the first year I thought my job was done, but the voices from the event echoed the same thing, “What you started for one means so much to many, please don’t let this go.”

Bonnie and the founder of the original Goat Yoga, Lainey Morse.

What goes on at the conference?

We start with an enhanced optional session prior to the main event – yoga – movement to get you going, relaxed and ready for the day. Keynote and Featured Speakers, Cameo & Celebrity Speakers, videos, musical entertainment and much, much more!

Is it local people only?

What started with 64 women locally grew to fill a convention center. In addition to Oregon, women last year came from Washington, California, Colorado and Oklahoma.

In the past it’s been a women only event, now I see you’re expanding the invite, to men?

AmazingYOU, orginally designed as a full-day conference for women, welcomes everyone to join us this year for the virtual full-day premier event. Men’s voices have been added to the line-up, along with singer/song writers and entertainers.

For the past six years, you’ve held the event at a local venue with last year’s event being at the Salem Convention Center. This year, in light of the situation, you’ve had to pivot to the web. What are some of the challenges/benefits of a virtual event?

Taking a high-touch interactive event into the unknown technical virtual world was terrifying. I’m high on the people scale and no so much on the technical side.

After my initial freak out I began to see the opportunities started to outweigh the challenges. Now more people can attend from all over the world from the comfort and safety of their own home or offices in a relaxed environment. You do not need to walk around a large venue to find your table or even the restroom; you can sit on your couch and just enjoy the presentations, music and videos. We also have a morning yoga session you can participate in to get you moving, relaxed and ready to take in the day. There’s no travel and parking expenses and no dress code is required!

Valerie Vigoda

What do you want people to know about this year’s event?

A lot of organizations are cancelling their events. We’ve expanded AmazingYOU as an all-virtual event over three days. If you can’t be with us on October 2, you will now have two extra days to take in the entire event – or repeat favorite sessions – so you won’t miss a thing. You will get to hear speakers on becoming a powerhouse storyteller, on confidence and empowerment, social awareness, business insights, overcoming challenges, and be delighted by singer/songwriters, with than 20 additional cameo speakers highlighted throughout the day with a variety of topics that will uplift, entertain and resonate with current day events.

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