The Dean’s List


Steve & Vicki Biornstad of Corvallis have done an “A+” job of renovating their charming home. “After living in the home for 26 years, and raising 3 kids, there were some things we wanted to do” said Steve, so they wisely called upon some of the best in the valley remodeling business. The results are impressive.
A fairly extensive remodel includes a new entry way, garage, family room addition, new master bedroom & bathroom, and the old (not-so-safe) stairway was relocated and modernized.

Vicki told us “our original family room barely accomodated the five of us, now we have grandkids, and more are on the way!” By bumping out a wall just 8 feet, and removing a dividing wall, it made a huge difference. Steve and Vicki say: “It’s so much fun to have kids home with grandkids, and now we regularly have meals for 20 people from our church group.”
The remodel took them about six months and we asked them about the experience of living in the home during the process. Their answer was: “we were very happy with Henderer’s crew in our home, we actually enjoyed having them around, it was like they were family.” Steve added, “Vicky was putting out snacks for them, I think they liked it too.” Funny.

The remodel really opened up the home to the backyard as well, and the french doors that lead to the garden are just lovely. Vicki said “With all the stairs, it’s not our home forever and ever, but it’s a lot of fun now, and the kids love it.”

Steve and Vicki had done a prior remodel on the kitchen and had called upon local design guru Deb Kadas for help. So when the time came for the major remodel, they picked up the phone and dialed Deb again.

Steve told us: “Deb knows stuff like period appropriate tile sizes, fixtures, and can point out design elements like the arch in our bathroom – which is a repeating theme in the home. She’s familiar with period appropriate windows, and more. She also knows things that you wouldn’t even think to question like a 1940’s home would be brass throughout the house except the bath & kitchen – all chrome, thanks to Deb we know that now.”

They also installed air conditioning. Vicki told us: “there were nights during the summer when we’d all go into the basement to sleep. This is so much more comfortable, and with all the new insulation, we’ve actually cut our heating and cooling bills substantially.”

Lori Stephens of Broadleaf Architecture was called in for the major structural changes, like moving walls and stairs. The new staircase is beautiful and looks like it’s a part of the original home. Steve told us that Henderer did such a fantastic job of reusing the old ceiling beams, that he can’t even remember what is new, and what was there before the remodel.

The street the house sits on was called “Dean’s Street” in the 1940’s. The house was originally built by the dean of forestry. Deb also advised keeping the original wood paneling and panel doors, to preserve the original story about the dean, and the rest of the deans from OSU who lived on the street. So all of the doors are now panel doors, and there isn’t an obvious “new part.”

Steve and Vicki have done the dean proud, and should likely be asked, when it comes to remodeling, to move to the head of the class.

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