The New Farm Focus: All Things Edible


This summer, Fresh to You Produce is celebrating 16 years in Stayton. Throughout that time, the farm store has carried everything from fresh produce to landscaping supplies. However, after updating their business strategy at the beginning of the year, Fresh to You has decided to return to its original role: local supplier of fresh fruits, vegetables, free-range eggs and all things edible.

“As a business grows, it further refines its purpose, its focus and its real niche. At Fresh to You Produce, we have discovered that our strength is all things edible,” says co-owner Nancy Hendricks. “Our customers come to us for fresh, local produce; garden starts and seeds; gardening tips and expertise.”

Starting this season, customers will see changes in the offerings at the local Fresh to You farm store. “Our focus is returning to growing fresh berries and vegetables. We will carry fresh produce from our farm and other surrounding farms; Carl’s farm fresh eggs; honey from our hives; cheese and Umpqua Dairy products. We will also feature a varied selection of other local specialty foods like flour, grains and nuts. And of course, our famous jams and syrups,” says Hendricks. “That means you won’t find a huge selection of landscape trees and shrubs, but of course we’d be happy to take your special orders for plants!”

The company will continue to develop its ever-so-popular Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The CSA program exists so that Fresh to You can provide its customers with the most fresh, local produce in the area. “We will continue to provide fresh produce to local restaurants—and soon, Gayle’s City Market in Salem,” says produce manager Vince Hendricks.

You will still find vegetable seeds and starts, berry plants, fruit trees, bark dust, compost and garden supplies for edible gardening. “Our offerings are circling back to what we provided in our fresh produce stand 16 years ago: all things edible… fresh, local, healthy, sustainable living. That’s what Fresh to You is about,” says Hendricks.

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About Fresh to You Produce & Garden Center

Fresh to You Produce & Garden Center is a full service farm store and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm that provides a welcoming environment for customers who can be inspired to enhance their health, their home and their peace of mind. Owners Carl and Nancy Hendricks and their children represent the fifth consecutive generation to carry on their rich family tradition of farming in Stayton, Oregon. The family-owned and operated business was featured in Sunset magazine, where their jams were described as “better than homemade.” For more information, call 503.769.9682 or visit

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