The Oregon Outback

One of our favotrite getaways from years past is the “Oregon Outback.” These photos were taken at Crane Hot Springs in Burns. Very easy to get to, just take Hwy 20 over the pass, go through Bend to where Hwy 20 picks up again (take a left at NE Greenwood), stay on 20 to burns, take a right off of 20 onto 78, about another 20 minutes and you’re in Crane. The hot springs is on the left just before Crane, you can’t miss it, it’s the only thing there! In “downtown Crane” where there’s a little store/gas station/restaurant where they serve pancakes and bacon, in case you need to find breakfast.

This is one of those places where you really feel like you’re way out west. The two ladies in the Crane store… one of them cooks the pancakes, the other serves them to guests, while also selling gas, bullets, or whatever you need for your day on the range. Nicest couple of ladies you’re going to meet.

The hot springs has been around for a long, long time. It used to be quite a going concern, there were hotels, bars, and such to greet travelers, until people lost their minds and decided to fly to places and stay in “modern” hotels. 

The property is unique, and family owned. There are a bunch of accomodations ranging from the ground in your own tent, to the “Ranch House” which will accommodate bigger groups. Our favorite though is to bring our camper – they have spaces, but not too many, so call ahead! Some of the other options include teepees with their own private soaking tubs, and the “Shepherd’s Wagon.” The “glamping” options don’t have a kitchen, but guests are welcome to use the “camp kitchen” where you can find everything you need to prepare a meal. 

There are baths that can be filled for individual use, or you can opt to jump right into the hot pond – it’s pretty great to soak in the pond and enjoy some of the best views in Oregon. Big sky country it is, without having to drive all the way to Montana!

While you’re over there, you can make a loop and include the Oregon Trail Museum and see the tracks of the pioneers who rode by still worn into the land. From there, drive on up to Pendleton, of rodeo fame, and see some authentic cowboys and visit the woolen mills. We’d recommend lodging at the Wildhorse Resort and Casino particularly if you’re pulling a trailer of driving an RV, they have great facilities for campers, plus the buffet makes it a must stay.

Crane Hot Springs
59315 Hwy 78,
Burns, Oregon

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
22267 OR-86,
Baker City, OR 97814

Wild Horse Resort and Casino
46510 Wildhorse Blvd,
Pendleton, OR 97801

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