The Rockaway Beach Treasure Hunt

Small, charming stores provide a weekend of discovering that “perfect thing”

By Nan Devlin :: Photos Compliments of Visit Tillamook Coast

For generations, families from the Willamette Valley have vacationed in Rockaway Beach, and no wonder. It has small town charm and a big, big beach. But in recent years, creative shopkeepers have turned this village that borders Highway 101 on Oregon’s north coast into an entertaining shopping adventure that is sure to reveal a special treasure. Best of all, these shops are locally owned, so your dollars spent here stay in the community.

: You can’t walk out of this store without that item you wanted all your life. From clothing, handbags and scarves to locally made soaps, lotions, and lip balms to knitted and crocheted baby sweater sets, adult hats and dog sweaters. And don’t forget those perfect earrings and delicious jams. Gift giving is so easy here. Find Etcetera at 139 N Miller Street (west side of Hwy 101).

Simply Charming: 
A mix of vintage and new, this newly relocated shop into a larger space gives the visitor more to love. Find handmade treasures, antiques, jewelry, birdbaths, wire art, unique clothing and so much more. You’ll spend the afternoon discovering wonderful items. Find Simply Charming at 130 Hwy 101 (east side of Hwy 101).

The Little Crow
: There’s a new surprise every week: the owners of this eclectic store love the hunt for exciting merchandise. From sterling silver chains to snowshoes to fabulous clothing to eclectic socks and jewelry to antique jars and film equipment. You’ll also find a collection of soaps, candles, cards and books. What’s not to love about this shopper’s paradise. Find The Little Crow at 104 Hwy 101(east side of Hwy 101).

Troxel’s Gem and Jewelry: 
This is not your normal jewelry store and that’s what makes it so special. Troxel’s offers the best source of handmade jewelry and gem specimens on the north coast – even rare pieces from around the world (any rockhounds in the family?). Troxel’s also has buckets of agates and cut stones in front of the store’s putt-putt golf course (themed on the story of The Wizard of Oz), which you can buy and add to your rock collection. Find Troxel’s Gem and Jewelry at 146 Hwy 101(east side of Hwy 101).

Trash & Treasures
: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so the saying goes. But you’d be hard-pressed to find anything but treasure in this vintage marketplace. From the store’s many vendors you’ll uncover Fenton Glass, mid-century dishware, original art, vintage cookie cutters and linens, jewelry, books…you think of it, it’s probably here. Plan on spending a couple of hours in this store. Find Trash & Treasures at 180 Hwy 101(east side of Hwy 101).

Flamingo Jim’s: 
This is the quintessential beach shop – t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats, but also shells, rocks, statuary, yard art, toys (including squishy toys), kids’ books, souvenirs, ornaments, and blasts from the past. Entire families will find something they need to take home, and they’ve been finding treasures for nearly three generations. Find Flamingo Jim’s at 234 Hwy 101(east side of Hwy 101).

Warehouse 10
: At the south end of town, this large store is filled to the brim with rustic, industrial farmhouse accent pieces, linens, signs, beachy and nautical items, art pieces, glassware, locally-made soaps, candles, furniture and other must-have items from 12 different vendors. Turn any room in your home into a beach-inspired retreat. Bring the mini-van. You’ll need it to haul your treasures. Find Warehouse 10 at 19485 Hwy 101 (east side of Hwy 101).

This is just a sampling of the many shopping experiences in Rockaway Beach. Come for the weekend and shop to your heart’s content. Plan your trip at

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